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Being first post on this website blog we would like to initiate with the works and development we completed with OpenERP. At GlobalTeckz our team is experience with OpenERP since the release of version 5 when OpenERP was also known as Tiny ERP

From past 5 years we have seen the growth of OpenERP software from version 5 to 6, 7 and so. Still clients and partners, and most importantly our developers who get excited whenever the new version release news are heard. The excitement is to learn new things in OpenERP and to see the new functionality with better features in every module.

From OpenERP Modules development to Modules customization and successfully completing every request of our customer, following are the list of modules & connectors we crafted for our clients and customized it as per their requirements.

  • OpenERP eBay connector

OpenERP eBay Connector is one of the most important eCommerce connector customized by GlobalTeckz team which is specifically crafted for eBay merchants. This eBay OpenERP connector helps you to manage all your eBay Orders, , eBay Products Listing, eBay  Pricing update and many more. Our OpenERP eBay connector further can be customized as per the business requirements.  

  • OpenERP Connector

OpenERP Connector is another important connector and largely used by eCommerce merchants who mainly do online business via web stores. OpenERP Connector again functions the same way to eBay connector such as Amazon Orders, Amazon Products Listing, Importing of orders statuses and many more. We have developed and customized the Amazon connector with OpenERP so to ensure a quick integration of your entire Amazon store

  • OpenERP Magento connector

Magento websites are considered as heart of any eCommerce merchants, any eCommerce merchants may sell his/her products via channels such as eBay, but having a magento store offer good advantage. Keeping in mind the rise of eCommerce merchants implementing magento web store we at GlobalTeckz also Offers OpenERP connector for Magento. This connector helps you to manage your entire entire magento store from OpenERP itself. You can import products from Magento, Import orders from magento website, exporting of stock levels from OpenERP to Magento, updating of status of orders from Magento.

  • OpenERP FBA connector

OpenERP FBA connector is an advance connector to OpenERP Amazon integration. This connector helps you to import Amazon FBA orders which is fulfilled by Amazon

  • OpenERP PayPal connector

OpenERP PayPal connection is another important module that allows you to manage all your payments from

  • OpenERP integration

OpenERP connection with helps you with a complete solution to allow payment processing via

  • OpenERP Channel Advisor Connector

OpenERP Channel Advisor connector is another module which GlobalTeckz team have implemented for one of our client. This Channel advisor connector helps importing of sales orders from Channel advisor to OpenERP, this connector also helps in updating of sales order status back to channel advisor.  Further this channel advisor connector can also be customized as per the business requirements

  • OpenERP ship works connector

OpenERP Ship Works connector is another important connector incase your company is using ShipWorks as a shipping software.

  • OpenERP UPS (United Parcel Services) Connector

OpenERP UPS integration or UPS connector helps you to manage all you’re shipping from OpenERP itself. This connector buys postage from UPS providing the tracking number which can be easily updated on the site. Apart from UPS our team has also integrated USPS connector, FedEx Connector and PostMaster

  • OpenERP QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is one of the most important software mainly used in almost every country. Organizations stick to QuickBooks for accounting purpose. Our team have OpenERP QuickBooks connector where you can sync all your QuickBooks data such as customers, Vendors, Accounts, Customer invoices, Customer Payments, Purchase orders, Sales orders, employees and so on .  .

  • OpenERP Shipstation Integration

 OpenERP ShipStation Connector is another module which GlobalTeckz team have implemented for one of our client. Connect your ShipStation with with leading Open source ERP software - OpenERP now known as Odoo Read more 

  • OpenERP Prestashop integration

At globalteckz we offer OpenERP/Odoo integration with Prestashop website where eCommerce merchants can now streamline their web store processes smoothly. OpenERP integration with Prestashop connector also handles multiple online stores. Read more 

Apart from the above there are many other customized modules our team has been developing constantly with OpenERP software. For more information on the above modules you can contact our team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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