Why Web based ERP software is preferred mostly

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Today, Almost every ERP software are Web based due to it’s advantages over Server based ERP. For mid sized and growing businesses web based erp software simplifies back office automation. Further web based ERP offers you with real time information of each and every department such as Finance, warehouse, employee, Purchases, Sales team and so on.  Because of that web based erp software improves the productivity and offers higher lever to the customers.

Apart from the above web based ERP is a hosted solution which reduces the over head expenses and time as there is no installation needed on every machine, further it also removes the cost of hardware and maintenance. With respect to upgrades there is no worries. Web-based ERP solution improves business among customers, suppliers and partners through self-service portals, providing for lead management, shipment tracking, bill payment and more. Few of the advantages of having a web based ERP solution.

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Web based ERP solution are remotely maintained therefore the cost of maintenance is lowered

Web based ERP is accessible from anywhere therefore you don’t need to worry about the location

Web based ERP solution are easy to use with the help of browser and internet.

Further it delivers the working in real time to take quick and easy decision on every department.

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One of the biggest advantages of web based erp software is that users who are almost on fields eg: sales representatives can use the system on their laptops, tabs and even mobile phones. Whereas with server based real time information may not be possible or may be time consuming

Today as a choice web based ERP solution attracts many organizations due to it’s numerable advantages. At Globalteckz we offer you one of the leading Open source web based ERP solution - Odoo, Being web based and Open source it offers you with added advantages of no licensing cost, Modular, strong community back up, Customization & integration as per the business requirements. 

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