An Overview of Odoo (OpenERP)/ What is open erp 

What is ERP software ?

ERP software is also called as Enterprise Resource Planning software which are designed to improve the efficiency of the organization. Implementing an ERP software offers you with many advantages such as increase in the productivity and the business processes. 

What is Open Source ? 

Open Source normally coined as development of software which are freely available. Open source software allows you with the source code of the product that can be customized easily as per your requirements

What is Odoo (OpenERP)?  Now know as Odoo

Odoo (OpenERP)is one of the most powerful Open source ERP Business software for Enterprise Management, Odoo (OpenERP)is completely featured ERP software implemented by many organization across the globe. Odoo (OpenERP)version 7 which recently got upgraded allows you to have important benefits of an ERP system. Some of the major Benefits of using & implementing Odoo (OpenERP)are that it allows you to have Customizations, Integration & New Module development. Apart from that it also allows you with successful implementation.

Odoo (OpenERP)is specifically crafted for Small and Medium Sized organization with more than 800+ modules for various industries. Another important benefits of using Odoo (OpenERP)is that it’s simply web base tool where people from anywhere can and update details. Some of the other features which your organization can use are Reports, Inventory Management & tracking, Point of sales, Integration with eCommerce or any specific modules as per the organization requirements.

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Odoo (OpenERP)is released under GNU – General Public License and completely Open source ERP software. The software works on Python Language and PostgreSQL database. Being Open source Odoo (OpenERP)is completely cost effective and perfect software for every business

Odoo (OpenERP)was started in the year 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers (CEO) and have a strong community & Partners who contribute day to day towards enrichment of Odoo (OpenERP)software.

At GlobalTeckz we offers our clients with implementing one of the leading  Odoo (OpenERP)System that allows Small and medium sized enterprises with many benefits such as one single software for all your enterprise needs Odoo (OpenERP)Implementation.

Odoo (OpenERP)implementation provides you with many benefits of an ERP tool. As compare to other ERP software available in the market. Odoo (OpenERP)system is completely Open Source ERP solution that offers you with license free usage that includes variety of modules to choose from. Odoo (OpenERP)support many verticals such as ManufacturingTradingeCommerce, Services and so on.

We offer our clients with the following services related to OpenERP

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Development Services

Our Team at Globalteckz have completed many Odoo (OpenERP)development, we have Sr. Odoo (OpenERP)developers who have many years of experience in handling Odoo (OpenERP)Development. Every Odoo (OpenERP)development at Globalteckz is carried with the best Software development methodology to ensure success of every Odoo (OpenERP)projects we undertake 

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Customization

Although Odoo (OpenERP)which is recently migrated to version 8 and re-branded as Odoo consist of variety of modules that can be used on default or Out of the box vanilla implementation, Understanding that every business have different workflows and business processes; We at GlobalTeckz offer your with Odoo (OpenERP)customization services since being Open Source - Odoo (OpenERP)can be customized as per the business requirement. We completely understand the basic business flows of our clients before initiating any customization in Odoo (OpenERP)software. We also offer new module development in Odoo (OpenERP)to meet the needs of those clients which cannot be implemented from the existing modules customization.

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Integration

Odoo (OpenERP)Integration is another area when you need 3rd party software or applications to be integrated with Odoo (OpenERP)software. As Odoo (OpenERP)is a web based ERP software it allows you to integrate all your 3rd party applications easily via available API keys or via web services. We have integrated many 3rd party software with Odoo (OpenERP)some of them are Magento Integration, Integration, eBay Integration, UPS, USPS, FedEx integrationQuickbooks Integration and many more.

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Support

GlobalTeckz team offers Odoo (OpenERP)support which can be an ongoing process in Big Odoo (OpenERP)implementation. Our Odoo (OpenERP)support based on Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly depending upon the requirements. We undertake and offer you with complete support of Odoo (OpenERP)software to ensure the software is working smooth. We also ensure that our clients queries is resolved in no time.

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Training

Odoo (OpenERP)training can be Technical or Functional training. We offer Odoo (OpenERP)training at competitive pricing with expert resources 

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Consultation

Odoo (OpenERP)consultation is another services Globalteckz team offer. Odoo (OpenERP)consultation is vast and can be offered on Modules implementation, Customization, Industry wise and so on. Our Odoo (OpenERP)Consultation team have many years of experience in Manufacturing, Trading and various other ERP implementation.

  • Odoo (OpenERP)Version Migration

Every year Odoo (OpenERP)upgrades to new version with more strong features and modules to meet various business needs, Odoo (OpenERP)7 got released in the year 2013 and now Odoo (OpenERP)rebranded as Odoo with version 8. We offer Odoo (OpenERP)version Migration services to ensure the developed modules in your older version functions the same way as per your business requirement.

For more information you can contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Our Team at Globalteckz have been working with Odoo (OpenERP)implementation and development since the release of Odoo (OpenERP)version 5 - We have exclusive experience in handling variety of projects for different industries and different clients based in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and other countries. We have successfully delivered the quality of coding in Odoo (OpenERP)development

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