An Overview on Point of Sales (POS) Module of OpenERP

Retails chains who gets lots of orders and needs to be processed quickly needs a simple, quick, and easy solutions to manage variety of customers every day. OpenERP POS or point of sales offers you with a clean interface for all your retail management.

The best part of OpenERP Point of sales POS works in two mode online as well as offline which means you don’t need to be dependent on the internet.. Point of sales of Open ERP is completely integrated with Inventory management and accounting which means automatically deduction in the inventory is done from the system as soon as you sell something and again it automate the buffer stock and inventory levels accordingly further all the transactions are recorded in the Accounting module of OpenERP therefore you get real time data and statistics which easily control your products re order level and revenue.

OpenERP POS is a web based application that can run on any device from PC to tablets with a small set up require. Therefore it is perfectly works on various devices such as touch screens tablets, iPad or touch screens terminals. You can further use Barcode scanner integrations Printers integrations, scales, cashboxes with available API keys.

The user interface of OpenERP is quite simple and easy to use for modern retailers. It is specifically design for Productivity, quickness and speed in taking the orders from the clients. You can easily with few click can browse the products with complete scanning. Further integration with warehouse management system facilitates a quick decision making on procurement requests.

Increase the buying experience of your shopper by integrating the in store customer services, tracking of warrantees, customer claims and so on. Be it a restaurant or a shop or a retail store you can easily activate multiple tickets to reduce the customer waiting with OpenERP Point of sales.

Another advantage of OpenERP point of sale is the Self-checkout Interface which helps in reducing the cost by limitizing the number of required cashiers. Which means with self checkout interface customer can scan products and pay by themselves.

With OpenERP powerful backend you get a powerful POS which is suitable for SME as well as large Multi nationals. There are 12 types of barcodes which is supported by OpenERP interface.

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