An Overview of Manufacturing Module in Odoo :

ERP for Manufacturing industries is also know as MRP, manufacturing requirement planning. Which is considered as an important module for small and mid sized manufacturing organizations. OpenERP - Odoo Manufacturing Module provides you with a complete capability of managing your manufacturing operations across the organization. It covers everything from Sales forecasting, Production planning, Material requirement planning, Inventory management, Bill of Materials, Warehouse management, and so on. OpenERP - Odoo Manufacturing module is perfectly created for small and medium sized manufacturing organizations who have custom processes.

OpenERP - Odoo for manufacturing industries allows you with wide range of production methods and helps you in achieve competitive advantage in a dynamic market place. It further allows you with variety of features such as Purchasing or materials, verifications of materials, scheduling, capacity planning, cost estimations, lot tracking, and Performance management and so on.

With Manufacturing module you can improve more effectiveness in your manufacturing operations, OpenERP for Manufacturing industries provides and cover many aspects of Manufacturing process. Further the module is easily integrated with other tools such as barcode, weighing machine and so. Being Open source Odoo - OpenERP manufacturing implementation doesn’t require huge investments since there are no licenses and perfectly implemented for SME’s

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