An overview of Products and PriceList Module in OpenERP

Naturally if you are dealing around the world serving your customers with variety of products than Products and Pricelist module of OpenERP is for you. Products and Price list module in OpenERP helps you in creating special prices for your customers and suppliers based on the demographics. 

You can manage all your different pricing strategies with these modules since currencies are fluctuating every day and organizations work on single penny profitability also, therefore with this module you can set different prices for different suppliers. 

There are other cases also where price list modules helps you – it is when you have promotional pricing for a particular product for a particular group of country with a discounting prices for your customers. Therefore products and pricelist modules helps you in calculating the prices accordingly. 

Another advantage of Products and price list module of opener is that it is integrated with other related modules to remove the double entries

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