An Overview of Accounting Management Module in OpenERP 

Accounting or finance management is a key to any organization since there are businesses around the world who manages their cash flows, payments and other related items every day, Proper accounting management tool is a necessities for small and midsized businesses of today. There are many stand alone accounting software available in the market to meet the needs and requirements of organizations, but again they are just applications means they cannot perform the duties of an ERP software or Enterprise management software. 

That is where OpenERP accounting module helps you with managing all different department as well as the accounting. Accounting management in OpenERP is easy and fully featured with accounting capabilities; It allows you to have a better way towards the collaboration with your accountants, customers, suppliers. 

Accounting management in OpenERP is integrated with Analytic accounting, budgets, assets and other related modules. With OpenERP you can manage and record your transactions and all other financial activities from one single software. The new interface of openERP version 7 is design to enhance the productivity of the users.

With OpenERP accounting module you can create and design invoices directly from the software therefore it reduces the time and errors while creating invoices and can be managed quickly. Further OpenERP accounting is integrated with Sales where you can create invoices from your sales order either based on time & material. 

OpenERP accounting Module is also integrated with Purchase management which gives you real time inventory reports and then automatically post in the accounts heads. It also support multiple currencies in case you are a global company further Integrated reports helps you with getting data as you needed

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