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Essential features of eCommerce Store – Before building any eCommerce store there are few list of features which needs to be keep in mind considering the customer experience is great with your website. eCommerce store plays and important role for the sales of any product. There are sometimes based on products you are offering the ecommerce store needs to be designed. For example if you are into B2C selling the there will be list of main features that needs to be keep in mind while designing the functionalities. Similarly it got to Business to Business then there will be various extra features that need to be added.

Online website implementation is not an easy task; Before the development and creating functions one need to keep in mind the products and brand they are offering to their customer. Therefore understanding the features of e commerce store before selecting any CMS is important. ecommerce website features consist of various facilities that it provides to your company and most important to your customer who surf your store for online shopping.

When it comes to selling your product via online – eCommerce Store plays a very important role, It is as similar maintaining a virtual store so to gain the confidence of the customer with Ease on finding and purchasing the products.

In this blog post we will cover up the 10 most essential features of e commerce one should have while starting their own online store. This features can be corrected with existing eCommerce Store

Features of eCommerce store:

     1. Easy Navigation:

Easy navigation is the basic features of e Commerce website is very important part as it allows user to access various sections of the website with quickness.

     2. Design & Graphics

Using powerful design and graphics on the website with the help of banners, images attracts visitors and make them to stay on the website. If your website is not attractive then conversions may be a problem. Using proper colors of the fonts, logo, images is another important area to concentrate on – It overall decide the looks of the website. Sometimes using bad fonts or colors disturb the customer and increase bounce rate of your site.

     3. Clear Categories

Having a proper and clear categories on your website is another important areas since it ease the customer to check directly onto the products they are looking out for.

     4. Easy Search Box

Another features of e Commerce online website is the Search box plays an important role when you have many products and many sub categories – keeping  a search box in best position allows you visitors to search the products quickly without any hassles

     5. Related products & Featured Products

Keeping related product feature helps you to increase your up selling and cross selling, It encourage customer to buy more than one product. Further Features products are normally displayed on the home page – It also includes the top selling products or Discounted products, Features products helps you to enhance your product sales as they get noticed very easily.

     6. Quality Image

Keeping quality images of your products on the website helps you to gain the confidence of the customer. Further the number of images for one single product ease to understand the looks from many angles. Make sure the images you are using on the website is of high quality

     7. Zooming Capabilities

Zoom feature on your product images always add a positive impact as it helps the visitor to check the minute details. There are different types of zooming feature available – make sure to add zooming facility feature while hovering the image works very well.

     8. Easy Registration

Registration is considered as one of the lengthy process and many customer closes the website due to improper registration process. Shorten up the registration process with minimum information.

     9. Blog

Many eCommerce merchants ignore keeping a blog onto the website – although it is now a days and important part of any website – Post your blog content regularly to inform the customer about the new products, events, news & events of your company.

     10. Social Media Icons

We have always said that social media networking plays a very important role in boosting your websites and products image. Create Social media icons so that your customer knows about your online presence – Social media not only helps you in branding but also allows you to manage your customer queries and doubts.

Bonus Features

     > Payment Gateway

Having a perfect payment gateway will ease and peace your visitor mind. There are many payment gateway available, choosing the one by which your customers are comfortable.

> Policies

Putting various policies handy on the website is another important area – for eg – Display clearly about the privacy policy and Return policy.

What do you think are the essential features of e Commerce webstore – share your thoughts

How Globalteckz Can help you 

At GlobalTeckz we offer our clients with world class Business and Enterprise solutions.  Our eCommerce Development team have successfully offered end to end solutions to our clients. We have expertise in Implementing Magento & Prestashop development. For more information or any help on eCommerce website Development you can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com – We would be happy to help you and resolve your queries.

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