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12 ESSENTIAL ANALYTIC ONLINE TOOLS AND APPS FOR DIGITAL MARKETERS – Performance tracking is one of the most important tasks any digital marketer needs to complete. In an optimal world, this is a job that should be completed every day but, in reality, mounting pressures from team leaders, clients and content deadlines can sometimes overshadow the process entirely. To make your life easier and more effective, here is a list of twelve analytical tools and apps, allowing you to carry out and complete this task effortlessly.


Keyhole is an extremely detailed tool that provides you with an exclusive insight into a brand’s impact on all major social media networks. You’ll be able to track the performance of hashtags, keywords and your marketing campaign, all in real-time.


Easily one of the most advanced web page and mobile analytical platform that’s not only simple to use but it’s highly effective and super easy to integrate into your existing platforms. You can track your user’s actions, allowing you to see when your users become confused or stuck on your website or app, allowing you to optimise your customer experience. The tool can even accurately predict user actions before they even happen.


Marketing itself as a complete marketing toolkit, this is a highly effective tool is used for monitoring and analysing your competitor’s strategies, allowing you to optimise your marketing techniques to beat them on the search engine results page. You’ll be able to monitor their website, social media pages and more.

Paper Fellows

Writing content for your marketing campaign is a mission in itself and can typically result in not enough time to focus on streamlining your analytics. Join Paper Fellows to connect with writing teachers from around the world, allowing you to perfect your skills so you can save time when writing, allowing for more time on perfecting your campaign.

Google Analytics

The leader when it comes to SEO and the rule-setter when it comes to effective marketing, Google Analytics is a must in your marketing arsenal. You can do pretty everything you could want through this platform while providing you with valuable insights into how your visitors behave on your site and immense conversion detail.


The main purpose of Kissmetrics is all about optimising your marketing campaign and strategy. With this unique tool, you’ll be able to track, monitor, analyse and streamline your technique so you can increase your lead count, your conversion rate as well as retargeting your previous customers.


Netbase is a leading analytical platform used by marketers around the world. The tool markets itself as being able to analyze the performance of your posts around 900% faster than other tools and is averagely 60% more accurate in its statistics. This makes the tool ideal for marketers who manage huge campaigns and profiles.


If you’re in need of an all-in-one platform that does everything, Cyfe could be perfect for you. The tool provides you with a comprehensive summary dashboard that’s both detailed and intuitive. You can delve into past analytics, real-time analytics as well as having the ability to integrate custom APIs.

Big Assignments

Tracking and analysing your campaign and marketing strategies can be time-consuming. As mentioned in the introduction, this may not leave a lot of time for everything else. Big Assignments is home to a collection of expert writers who can create content on your behalf, giving you more time to focus on optimisation.


This is a unique tool that’s not only fun to use if you haven’t used any similar tool, but it’s highly effective for optimising your website and marketing strategy. With Hotjar, you’ll be provided comprehensive heat maps of your website pages. This works for both desktop and mobile viewers. With these heat maps, you’ll be able to see where your users are scrolling, how long they stay on each bit of each page and where they are clicking, enabling you to optimise your website for the best customer experience.


Although it’s technically an Instagram management tool, Iconosquare does come with an effective and high performance analytically suite that features its own customisable dashboard, optimisation suggestions and advice as well as comprehensive real-time guides on what filters would best work for your company and the best times to upload your posts for maximum engagement.


Specially designed for the Twitter platform, TweetReach is an incredibly simple tool where you can type in your desired keyword, username or hashtag and you’ll be provided with an outstanding amount of analytical data behind it, allowing you to make the best choices to maximise your outreach and engagement rates.


Finally, to conclude my list, BuzzSumo is a simple yet powerful tool for tracking trends and hot topics across the internet. With the tool, you simply have to tap in a URL, keyword or topic phrase to see where it’s trending, who’s sharing the related content and what social media platforms are boosting it. This allows you to select the best topics to use in your content marketing campaign.

Final Thoughts

Investing time into investigating your analytics is such an important part of marketing, and it cannot be overlooked. Using the tools mentioned above will allow you to carry out this task in a time efficient way, maximising your results and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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