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12 ways Simple CRM software for small business enhances sales

How a Simple CRM software for small business can enhance your business sales and provide you with more success in closing leads. The Success of the companies (small or big) is due to CRM Strategy and for that, we need two things to follow first is the recognition of the right CRM software which is implemented exactly for the need. Secondly, to explore more possibilities to scale their business with it. By using CRM module it increases sales with implementing the right CRM Software is the first of the actionable thing steps that need to take.

There are many CRM tools for small business available in the market which can be implemented quickly with no hassle with timelines. With well-organized Client Data, Automation of Followups, Accuracy in Forecasting, and a good overview of sales stats with dynamic reporting features, CRM Software has become an invaluable management tool that not only simplifies the business but also boosts company sales and productivity.

How Simple CRM software for small businesses enhance sales

Let go more into the details which we would be showcasing on 12 ways a simple CRM software for small businesses enhances sales with step-by-step instructions. As a reference we are taking Odoo CRM software which is one of the open source business software available in the market and it is easy to use as well as to implement with various functions and features. But that’s not all, in a way we will also overcome what features should be looking for while selecting a CRM Software for an organization in order to increase sales using CRM Software.

1.CRM software helps you to enhance sales within existing customer groups.

A good crm software helps you to understand the needs and requirements of your existing customer. the existing customer may require other services too which is not targetted due to the usage of spreadsheets. CRM software allows you to analyze your customer data and their history of purchases with your organization. Therefore it becomes easy to sell other product to your existing customers.


Predict their next need for the same/similar product (For recurrent Products). See if there is something can offer that they might also require but are not taking services for. Now as identify their needs, pitch them with offers at the planned right time.

pyramid of a simple CRM software for small business

2. Reward most loyal customers.

With a simple CRM solution in place you can provide more rewards to your loyal customers. For Example – Let’s assume you have a possibility to provide some incentives to give away to company customers. Giving incentives will be most effective only when it is done for most loyal customers and Gather data from the CRM Software. Make a list of all the most loyal and profitable customers. This way you can conver normal customers into loyal customers.

loyal customers in a simple crm software

Mailing them and let customers know about the rewards to make them feel special and will further strengthen their relationships with the company. This will not only keep them patronize to business longer, but their referrals can bring in more business too.

3. Prioritize Leads for better results.

The main reason for CRM Software by implementing in the first place was to gather and arrange data to work for better results and Prioritize existing leads in CRM Software.

pipeline management in crm

Segregate all the important leads in the CRM software to allocate resources as per winning chances on a priority basis. Set Meeting Reminders plan follow-ups with them

calender in crm software

Set immediate Next Activities for the respective team to take care of and achieve optimum Sales Closure.

achieve optimum Sales Closure


4. Handle customers better by being available whenever needed.

Whether notice this or not but customers are judgmental by how to handle the complaints and issues.

First of all, we have to Website linked to CRM software, this way we can get some data from the respective website as well.

inquiry for a new sale in chat box

Address their complaints if any, assign tasks to relevant departments using the CRM. While sometimes it will be some of their complaints/issues they will need to resolve most of the time it will be an inquiry for a new sale in chatbox. Capture the lead there itself and hand it over to the sales team. Customer grievance handling generates a good service tag in the market and it makes long-term stability to business.

5. Simple CRM tool helps to build strategies that works for your clients.

This one is the most useful function of using CRM. As CRM tool provide you with historical data of your successful leads. Based on the relevant data from previously converted leads. – as showed in the below image:

history of successful leads

You can easily list the company that worked earlier and make chances that it will still work with follow-up.

Note down there can be a specific few salespersons that are converting way better than some others and with the help of lead analyses report can view the record in a graphical way.

lead analysis crm

Build a strategy that is working for the business. Training more salespeople to adopt the same strategy that is working in the industry.

lead analyses graph

6. Revive Dead Opportunities.

There is a large certain percentage of leads that you were unable to crack, so these leads are either qualified with some other suppliers/service providers and Collect data as per Opportunities. Identify Prospects that are Dead.

Collect data as per Opportunities

Re-approach them in a casual way. Find out if their lead was furbished with some other vendor.

Find out if they are satisfied with this new vendor’s services or not. There is a 50% Chance that will crack the lead or this time the lead will pop out the reason for not going with services the last time. Either way a win-win situation for a salesperson.

7. Be in Constant Touch

Go beyond the Official Approach to reach clients. Communicating casually works better sometimes. Use the CRM Automation Facilities and set Client’s Birthday Reminders or important dates for Social Messages.

Client’s Birthday Reminders

CRM Softwares can set automatic Customised Messages to Clients.

8. Closing More Deals with the help of CRM.

Use CRM Software to identify the potential leads in the respective user pipeline. Create Winning Sales Pitch Templates and Focus on reducing the Conversion Time. Use the Power of Calendar Integration to Set Meetings

Calendar Integration to Set Meetings

Use the Power of Wise Resource Allocation to optimize the free resources and Use the Reminders and Notification Messages to Staff.

Notification Messages to Staff

Set Targets for Resources, Track deadlines for Resources and Reduce the BottleNecks to improve the Conversion Rates.

9. Optimise Call Performance.

If a company is into a business wherein constant calls to be made for generating sales (outbound call centers). Take benefit of the VoIP Software integration with your CRM Software. There are a bunch of Open-source Software like Asterisk or ViciDial.

VoIP Software integration with your CRM Software

Use the integration to attend calls from your CRM software itself. Note down the Minutes of Meetings on the Spot with this. Save time and Data Duplication and set next to Activities to for the Lead immediately in the CRM.

10. Generate Fresh Leads on Automation

Place Lead Capturing Forms discussed above on the website at most potential places. Additionally, track website visitors, Offer something Useful to the visitors for them who are targeting. Gather their Email Ids in CRM. Set Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing CampaignsSend Automated Series of Mails Especially been generated for Leads like these using CRM Software

11. Reduce Data Duplication and Increase Sales Efforts.

Data Duplication is a major problem in business, it reduces efficiency, generates mistakes, wastes productive time.

Data Duplication

Use your CRM Software to eliminate data Duplication.  Make user logins for the sales team, give them appropriate access rights in the Software. Get the Sales team connected to each other so the Sales Managers can also have access to the Sales Representative’s Data. The Department Heads will the access to managers Data.

This way nobody has to send data to any department, therefore is no Data Duplication at all. Share the Leads or Opportunity Data with the team, this saves Sales reps to replicate the information to higher authorities. Saves Lead Execution time and improves performances.

12. Use CRM Software to See Future.

Make use of the Reports and Analysis section of with CRM Software Allow Sales Analysis Access to respective Sales Managers as well

Sales Analysis

Build a Strategy for Managers to track Pipelines. Divide Sales opportunity Pipeline into a number of definable Stages like above. Set managers to keep a check on each Stage.

pipeline analyses

Get a Hold on the complete Sales Process, we can also analyze what customers are loyal, which ones are profitable, which are the customers which of these are better prospects for marketing efforts, and most importantly implement those measures in approach.

The above images of CRM has been taken with reference to Odoo CRM module which offers you with the list of functionalities. there are many other CRM tools available in the market which can handle the same functions. If you are looking out for implementing CRM software for your Small Business you can connect with us on sales@globalteckz.com

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