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25 Twitter Fact’s for every Twitter user.

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25 Twitter Fact’s for every Twitter user.

25 twitter facts and figures
25 twitter facts and figures

Today almost every internet user is on twitter for social networking. In this post we will put some fascinating twitter fact’s which being a twitter user you might not know. We are thankful to Wikipedia for providing us with the details by which we have crafted this article for our readers.

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Before we start with Twitter facts let’s go back to some basic introduction about Twitter.

Twitter is a leading social networking website which allows it’s user to create and send messages with a limit of 140 characters also known as tweet. User can create tweet via twitter website or via third party tool and can share with the other users. While tweeting user can use hashtags (#) to put the message in that particular group. Further they can also use @username to mention someone in their tweets or via replying.

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25 Twitter Fact’s every twitter user should know

  1. Twitter was founded on 21st 2006 March and launched on 15th July 2006. Founder Jack
  2. Dorsey is the man behind Twitter establishment.
  3. Initially the project was named as “twttr” inspired by the name Flickr but finally the name twitter was established.
  4. Twitter means “chirp from birds”
  5. Twitter Inc. is based in San Francisco with their server and additional offices in New York, Bosta & San Antonio
  6. Twitter only allows 140 characters for a single tweet although many argue to increase the number of characters.
  7. Twitter ranked as one of the 10 most visited websites worldwide by Alexa
  8. 2006 – Twitter first prototype was used as Internal service for Odeo employees further the complete version was introduced to public in July
  9. 2006. Twitter gained the popularity in the year
  10. 2007 while during an event twitter usage was increase from 20K tweets per day to 60K tweets.
  11. 2007 – 400,000 tweets were posted and recorded per quarter.
  12. 2008 – Twitter had only 3 million registered users
  13. 2008 – The number of tweets in this year was only 1.25 million per day
  14. 2008 – Only 8 employees till January
  15. 2009 – Twitter gained 8 million registered users
  16. 2010 – 22nd January the first unassisted off earth twitter message was posted from international space station by NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer
  17. 2010 – 100 million new account were created on Twitter .
  18. 2010 – 25 billion tweets sent on Twitter
  19. 2011 – There were over 400 employees
  20. 2011, March 12th – 572,000 new accounts were created on twitter. 225 million users were estimated in March 2011
  21. 2011, June 25th – 456 tweets per second was recorded when Michael Jackson died – highest at that time.
  22. More than 75% of twitter traffic comes from 3rd party applications.
  23. Over 50% of tweets come from third party applications
  24. There are more than 100,000 twitter applications available.
  25. More than 4000 tweets per second recorded from the beginning till end of US President Barrack Obama speech

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