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3 Simple Tips to increase your website Traffic.

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3 Simple Tips to increase your website Traffic.

3 tips to gain website traffic (SEO)

Everyone wants’ to be on top rankings in major searches results, Since websites or articles who topped in Search Engines are highly trusted by people, and the second reason of topping the article in Google is that you don’t need to pay for top page advertisement.

Today we will learn a simple but effective strategy to enhance your website ranking in search engines. But do remember SEO is a long term strategy. There are no quick tricks or shortcuts for increasing your website rankings in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You need to patience and implement perfect strategy with various techniques to enhance your online visibility.

Following are the 3 areas where you can increase your traffic and thereby ranking.

1. Keyword and Content creation

We will put more emphasize on Content because Content is the King and we have repeated this sentence every time and almost everyone agrees on this statement. Create content for your readers and not for Robots, although you can create unique content by adding relevant keywords.

  • Either first research for the sets keywords and then prepare the content or
  • Prepare the content and start placing the keywords in proper reader friendly sentences.

You can research on keyword from Google keyword tool, the keyword density should be normally 5% or less, else you may be penalized by the search engines on keyword stuffing.

Adding Internal Links for longer stay

Once you are done with keyword optimized content now it’s time to add related links in your content this is called as anchor text technique. You can put necessary links on the internal articles of your website, So that the user will stay long on your website increasing more value in Search Engines Robots.

Meta Tags and keywords

You can add the title tags, Meta descriptions, Header tags, and so on. . . we don’t consider this as most important part because everything depend on the article – Content, therefore we prefer to add those keywords which you have already covered in the Article rather putting something which is not there.

2. Social Media Shout out

After the article is released it’s time for a Shout out promote your website to as many social media websites – Create a company page on Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and many other and start sharing your articles on these website – In this way you will update your viewers and start gaining more traffic to your website or article

3. Link Building

Link Building – You can build link by doing a press release or putting your article links in free directories, especially in forums and so on… Link building is a lengthy task but provides you with higher rankings in a long term and Proper link building can fetch more traffic via referrals

There are many organizations who claims to gain high ranking on the website – but do remember Professional SEO Companies more focus on appropriate methodology to build the ranking in search engines. We covered the basic and important aspects of gaining the popularity of your website, although there are many more tricks on how to increase your visibility.

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