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5 Reasons to use Facebook for your Business.

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5 Reasons to use Facebook for your Business.

5 reason to use facebook for your business
5 reasons to use facebook for your business

When it comes to Social Media Marketing or Social Media Networking for your business, Facebook is one of most probable name that comes to mind. Although many people forgot that every social media networking website eg: Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn or Facebook have variety of target audiences. Don’t you feel for every social media website your strategy should be different? Further it again depends on the products or services you are selling.

For example – Facebook consist of mix group of audience specially youth & Young, whereas Twitter consists of more mature audience so LinkedIn with more professionals group.

Many people ignore Facebook nowadays being a part of social media networking mix due to inappropriate audience for their products. In this blog post we will give you 5 top Reason to use facebook for your business.

One should remember that networking on Facebook or any other social media website is not to gain sales as a first part but to involve your audience in a communication for branding and marketing promotions.

5 reasons Why Facebook can be good for your business.

1. To Make a Presence

To create an online presence after website, Facebook is  the first website that comes to every business owner mind. Facebook is leading in social media networking website and due to large audience facebook is a must for every business, may be your products are not suitable for facebook audience but creating a page and judging the target audience is not harmful. If you feel it’s harmful and below your reputation you can simply check about your competitor’s presence on facebook. Facebook not only create social media presence but also provides a ranking in Google, See the below example

facebook online rankings
facebook online rankings

Although our products are not suitable for facebook target audience but making a presence is not harmful

2. Helps in Promotion

facebook promotions
facebook promotions

Facebook helps in promoting events or building large audience for your Marketing activities. Remember that many events are targeted to young professional, and youth are the main audience of facebook. With that you can post upcoming events which helps in gaining more audience. Many businesses even promote special offers on Facebook.

3. Link Building and traffic

facebook page on google rankings
facebook page on google rankings

Every link you post on facebook increase the online visibility, since Facebook pages are publicly shown on major search engines. With constant updates on facebook page you can build a good number of traffic for your website.

4. Online Reputation

review on facebook
review on facebook

I remember in old days when people use to ask each other for products and company review, further the days came when review and reputation was judge by reviews websites. Now people judge about the company on the number of likes and the audience on your facebook page. Therefore it is recommended to build a facebook page to enhance online reputation.

5. Helps in recruitment

May not be as powerful as Linkedin but to recruit new talent or young students, facebook can helps you in pooling young group of employees into your business. Although it is found that many youth don’t use LinkedIn primarily, therefore to target youth audience for recruitment Facebook can help you easily

What do you feel – How facebook helped your business – Comment

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