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5 Steps after Publishing a New Blog Post

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5 Steps after Publishing a New Blog Post

5 steps after publishing a new blog post

Content writing or blog posting is one of the thoughtful and time consuming task. Every blog post you are writing should be properly create its place in search engines since there are many pages on internet which you will be competing. Gaining traffic and building its positions in major search engine is the next task after publishing a new blog post.

In this blog post we will cover few important points which needs to be remember after publishing an article to gain maximum exposure on Major search engines

1. Ping your blog post

This is a very simple step to list your latest blog post in search engines, although once you release with new blog post search engines will eventually enlist your blog post without doing anything but this process is to enhance the indexing. There are many pinging services available out there which ping your content free of cost. Ping-O-Matic is one of the examples for pinging services.

2. Social Media Shoutouts

Another step after pinging your blog post you can start promoting your blogs in social media, share your post on major social media networking website to provide a quickly exposed of your content with correct audience.

3. Newsletters

Subscriber building or subscribers are considered as one of the loyal audience of your blog. They are also know as followers who follow your blog post, once you published a new blog post you can send newsletters stating the topic you covered, this will ultimately build more value & traffic to your website.

4. Second and third level link building

As discussed in the second point to put your blog posting in major social media website after creating a small social media shout out on a second level you can sign in to other sites to create social bookmarking

5. Interlinking of the content

This is another important part where you interlink your old content to the new blog post via contextual links and vice versa. This will help in reducing the bounce rate. Edit the current blog post and add the old links of related content and secondly you can edit the old blog post and put the new publish post links

All the above point may be a hard work but once you follow the above steps you can ensure a proper audience and traffic is generated.

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