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If you are using Magento CMS and selling products via ecommerce store then Magento blog plays and importnat part as you can showcase different blog articles to your customer and keep them up to date. As we know Blogging plays a very important role to ensure you get good number of visitors which further enhances the traffic on your website and further more over it increases your ranking in Search Engines.

Magento Blog Benefits :

Blogging further make sure that you are active on the web and it offers new information about products, discounts, offers about your organization. As we all know that eCommerce is one of the growing sector around the globe and many organizations are opting for online stores rather investing in virtual stores. Magento – An Open source CMS for eCommerce where you can create your own web store is growing worldwide, Almost every eCommerce merchant consider & opt for Magento website implementation due to the fact that Magento is easily customizable with variety of plug-in to meet the organizational needs. Magento eCommerce solution has been praised by different development community worldwide.

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Now to initiate with the main question – Are you in constant contact with your customer?

No! Then you must start integrating a Blog to your Magento store. You may have good visitors on your Magento website via different strategy but in case you are missing blogging then you may be losing a huge chunk of traffic and your customer

A Magento blog offers you with many advantages which is listed below:

  • Integrating a Magento Blog within your website can be an excellent way of enhancing relationship with your customers.
  • Magento Blogs helps your customer to create better decision when they read reviews and comments of other visitors.
  • A Magento blog integrated with your website enhance your services on the products you are selling via different reviews of your customer.
  • When you have different articles on your magento blog you get advantage of enhanced rankings in google specially when someone search for reviews of a particular product/ Article. – This further helps increase in traffic with high chances of conversion rates
  • You can also advertise various links of your products and magento store to ensure a boosting traffic on a particular product.
  • An integrated Magento blog also helps you to announce new products and its features freely

Now a days “Content Marketing” is booming – People purchase products from those website who inform and help about products detailed aspects.

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Our Self Experience:

Although not being into eCommerce domain specifically we initiated with a blog where we covered more than 250+ articles in 4 months time on our external blog and 50+ articles – The traffic of visitors got increased by more than 45% the fact is that our 50% traffic visit our blogs.

Our Suggestion to eCommerce Merchants:

Initiate with a simple WordPress blog with different articles (SEO Optimized) which you can share with your customers via different social media websites. Even you can share your old articles repeatedly to enhance traffic to your blog/website. Further you can also use Magento Blog extension to ensure your website traffic is high. The main benefit you will get for using magento blog extension is that your main link will get noticed easily rather having multiple domains.

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How GlobalTeckz Team can help you with Blogging

We at GlobalTeckz have expertise in Writing SEO optimized articles and posting them with proper keywords. We not only write articles but also integrate WordPress blog with end to end solutions – following are the features GlobalTeckz Team can offer

Creating a Blog in WordPress/Magento  —->  Integrating with your Magento store in case of wordpress blog –> Writing high quality articles (topics can be selected by you) —-> Publishing on various social media platforms  —-> Continuously optimizing and increasing the traffic on every article every day.

If you own a magento Store and looking out for a Blog or content marketing activity to enhance growth of your visitors do contact us on

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