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7 Advantages of OpenERP version 7

What is OpenERP 7 ?

openerp version 7

OpenERP version 7 is one of the recent releases by OpenERP and considered as most downloaded and installed Open Source ERP solutions across the globe. There are many organizations who are Opting for the recent version either in a form of new implementation or Migration from Old version of OpenERP.

In this post we will shed 7 advantages of OpenERP version

1. A full Fledge ERP software :

OpenERP version 7 comes with a modular architecture which provides you with new modules and further enterprise modules to streamline your business processes.

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2. Search Functionality

With OpenERP version 7 you can easily search across the screen, you can also create advance search as per your requirement.

3. Speed

Unlike the old version of OpenERP – Version 7 is quite faster in providing you with the results and processing the request.

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4. Directions made User Friendly

OpenERP 7 helps you with easy and quick directions on what next steps needs to be followed.

5. User Interface

The change in color of user interface which give a powerful feel to the user while using the software. Further the buttons are simple and screen is less clutter as compare to any other ERP software.

6. Going Social ERP

The first page of messaging once the user logged into the system offer you with quick list of task that is going on in their departments. User can join conversation similar to Facebook Notifications and every creation of task has been showed in the home screen to know What’s Happening!

7. Apps

Apps is a new name given to List of Modules in OpenERP version 7. As there are more than 800+ modules available in OpenERP, further there are new addition of apps social media integration is one of them. Installation of Modules as per specific requirement is now much easier.

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