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7 Benefits of Search Engine Optimizations

7 advantages of SEO - Search engine optimization

7 advantages of SEO – Search engine optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization provides you with many advantages In this post we will cover the Top 7 advantages of SEO activities for your business

1. More Website Traffic

Search Engine optimization activities helps you to increase the traffic on your website which is one of the most important part to survive in search engines top ranking, further an increase in traffic means more inquiry and more sales, therefore SEO helps you in gaining traffic and top position in Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN.

2. Ongoing Promotions

Search Engines works every minute and never stops displaying those huge results similarly users across the globe always search for the products you are dealing with or articles, and related information, therefore once your website is showing up in top results your gain continuous promotions round the clock for your products and services.

3. Brand Value and Public High trust.

Searchers believe results or websites showed on the first pages by the search engines are trustworthy website to purchase products from, therefore top rankings can be achieved via SEO activities and it can create brand value in the mind of internet visitors once they land up on your website.

4. Provides information’s to Searcher

SEO provides information to the researchers who land up to your website which is one of the most important key of content Marketing since via SEO you are  provide the message which customers are looking out for that cannot be provided by any other websites.

5. Competitive Advantage

Searchers in Google believes that top ranking products of first page results provides better product and serves the needs & requirements

How many times you have research and clicked on Wikipedia article as it ranks in first 3 results.

Therefore top ranking or first page results provides you with competitive advantage.

6. Permanent and Long lasting results

The results of Search engine optimizations is permanent and long lasting which means that it is not like advertisement which stops showing when you stop paying. Also you just need certain maintenance to keep your website in top ranking.

7. Quick Return on Investment

Return on investment by doing search engine optimization is quick as compare to the paid advertisements. Top rankings of your website in Major search engines can provide you with more customer as compare to paid advertisements. Therefore a single visitor directly from Google is high value as compare to the advertisement.

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