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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key areas for enhancement of your blog or website rankings in major search engines. In this blog post we will discuss 7 powerful Google SEO tip to enhance your articles ranking in major search engines.

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  • Content

Content is the king for any blogs or website for Google SEO. Creating powerful content by keeping it unique clear and relevant for your viewer is important. Many of us ignore the content and concentrate more on Google SEO part but without quality content your effort of Google SEO can be void in few days time. This is one of the most important tip for our viewer to keep in mind before initiating with writing.

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  • Keep readers in Mind

One should remember to write the website or blog content for readers and not for robots. Placing keywords properly into the article is another art which you will learn once you remember to you’re your readers in mind while writing any article.

  • Google Analytics

Using Google analytics is quite important to know where your website is heading towards. Add your website to Google analytics which helps you to check your site regularly.

  • Adding keywords in Articles

Keywords are the nerves of your articles which you are crafting for your audience as said that avoid keywords stuffing but add powerful keywords into your articles to attract the search engines ranking with better results

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  • Optimize your heading

Heading is one of the first view points which interest your readers to go more in detail of the article – Create a powerful headline to attract the readers. You can make use of Heading 1 & 2 (H1 & H2) to create more purposefulness in the articles.

  • SEO Tip# 6 Update your Sitemap

One should always remember that Search engines are just the robots you have to update your sitemap regularly so to ensure your websites or blog pages has been crawled by Search engines.

“I still remember after completing 65 articles on this blog Google was only indexing 30 pages once the sitemap of this blog got updated Google started indexing all the pages”.

  • Use hyperlink

Hyper linking your articles with your existing articles is one of the great way to reduce the bounce rate as well as engaging your audience with other articles on your blog or website. Use Hyperlink after every paragraph with related articles which will enhance the interlinking of these articles.


Once you have created your article start sharing on social media networking website to enhance the Google traffic, do remember that there are variety of other methods to increase your articles with Google rankings into the search engines. Keep your followers update on social media networking website about your new and old articles. We assure you with these basic tricks you can able make your website rankings high in search engines specially Google SEO for your website.

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