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ERP Failure – 7 major ERP problems during implementation

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ERP Failure – 7 major ERP problems during implementation

ERP failure for Enterprise resource planning software Implementation is attributed to internal resistance, misaligned expectations, subpar process execution, inept stakeholders, unaccounted supporting tools, and hazily drafted training and digital adoption programmes.

It’s crucial to investigate the typical causes of failure because the chaos that an ERP implementation creates is unbelievable. We will discuss the causes and nine prominent examples in this guide so that you can prevent a failed ERP implementation..

An ERP implementation is always considered as one of the most important software for any organization. we have personally seen that businesses don’t take a single shot of risk during ERP implementations just to avoid failure and problems. Although there are many organizations who make common mistakes which can be avoided easily prior to ERP software implementation. ERP implementation is vast which can create success to business if implemented correctly else improper ERP development can cause drastic failures. There are many companies who already burn their fingers with ERP failure.

Why ERP implementation fails/ Problems with ERP? 

The irregularity of business goals and technology is one of many potential causes of ERP implementation failure. Unfortunately, short-term financial concerns often dictate many ERP design decisions, which are rarely relevant to an organization’s long-term success. Here are 6 major failures during ERP implementation.

  • Expectations from an ERP Implementation :

One of the first questions we asked to our clients is What is your management expecting after implementing this ERP software.” – If we feel that client expectations is incorrect than we set the proper expectation after ERP implementation. Unnecessary expectation is one of the most important reason for ERP implementation failures. It should be properly defined by the top management on what returns they would gain after ERP implementation.

  • Time & Resource Estimations

This is another common mistake done by both vendor as well as the clients. My personal experience is that there while preparing the estimations for ERP implementation there is a big clash –

“Since Clients feels that a new feature can be implemented in few days time, although they are close to the estimations but a single new feature customization can sometime ruin the whole timeline of the project as every part and fields are interconnected to other application or module.”

Apart from that many companies create unrealistic timelines based on their management decision. Therefore it should be remember that an Experience vendor is quite aware of the timelines rather the client who is implementing for the first time. To resolve this problem a proper scope document should be created with a project plan and resource allocation before going to the actual implementation part.

  • Creating a Legacy system out of An ERP :

The globe of industry is changing every day with best practices and Excellency in working. While implementing ERP solutions Businesses stick to their own processes rather implementing the new best practices available and therefore ERP software is so much customized that they end up implementing the old legacy system.

  • No Proper IT infrastructure

There are many businesses that put so much of concentration on the software or ERP implementation part that they forgot the IT infrastructure, support, performance and most importantly the Hardware cost. Therefore IT infrastructure is one of the most important point to be consider before implementing ERP software.

  • Proper Vendor Selection

Not selecting Proper vendor is another important mistake organizations do. Checking beautiful vendor website, with list of the names of their clients, their top rankings in Google will not help you selecting right vendor.

The first thing you should check is to know say for eg: Out of 30 clients how many are actually using the software.

My personal Opinion is – “If the client is not using the software, the vendor failed to implement it.”

Proper questions related to ERP implementation and their experience should be asked, and most importantly the reference check – many forget this just by getting the confidence from the website.

  • Implementation of Unwanted Functions

“Human wants are unlimited” you show them the features in ERP software and they will ask for addition and estimation in the task or pricing which vendors also agrees due to increase in their project profitability. This is one of the biggest and silly mistakes done by organization. To avoid this situation organization should start with important module first dividing the projects into phases as per the importance.

Preparation for Implementation Success… It is not easy, but it is worthwhile

The most common causes of ERP implementation failures are poor communication, Documentation, not delivering on time and hiring project resources who lack experience. Even though ERP is a crucial component of any company’s infrastructure, most companies struggle to implement it because they lack a plan for dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

Also, in order to ensure success and reduce any issues with your ERP systems, software implementation requires a lot of planning, work, and monitoring, just like almost any enterprise-related undertaking. In order to ensure that all potential problems are resolved before the implementation begins, it can be helpful to address the 6 major ERP implementation Failures mentioned above in the planning stages.

You can feel confident in your organizational implementation and reduce the costs and time as much as possible by tackling the implementation challenges in ERP head-on and making sure you’ve done your due diligence. If this is the first implementation for your business, you might want to research third-party implementation services to make the process simpler and more efficient.

Prior to implementation, consider the expectations for the ERP system, including their origin, functioning, and possible application. This type of incident, which disrupts crucial business processes at a precarious time of operational change, is possible without a firm grasp of the ERP implementation process.

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