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ecommerce website, 7 Tips before Designing an Ecommerce Website for Your Business-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


eCommerce website and online business is booming worldwide as it offers many advantages to the customer. Today eCommerce website has became an important tool for small and large businesses organizations and the simple reason is that you not only sell the products to your customer but also engage them. Engaging the visitor to create a customer is not at all difficult task until you have a good eCommerce website design that is easy to use and build up more confidence of your visitor.

Here are 7 tips for you if you’re planning to design an eCommerce website for your business:

1. What is your solitary ambition if you’re a manufacturer or an online supplier of products? Undoubtedly, it is to make the website guest into a latent client which is the most difficult task to achieve on the web. Nonetheless, the goal is attainable if you’re fortunate in gaining the confidence of your contemplated customers in the time they are analyzing your website. Here, making an eCommerce website success as a boon in meeting the objectives of your online business.

2. For an influential eCommerce website design, it is compulsory to take care of the basic aspect to streak the footprints of your online store on the cutting edge of the WWW, i.e., World Wide Web! Such eCommerce theoretic factors include:

a) To competently build the site that gives answer to the question- Why should the customers reach you rather than your rivals?

b) To form the online catalog is a systematic manner, so that the customers can easily locate the needed product from the long list of products available.

c) To create an engaging and an easily navigable website.

d) To give enough description of the products so as to satisfy the targeted customers.

e) To offer a simple online shopping method rather than too many steps especially for check out.

f) To make the search engine of the site advanced and elevated.

3. Serviceability and user-friendliness are the 2 major elements which should be kept in mind formerly creating a website. An eCommerce website also works on the similar principles. Achieving eCommerce solutions means giving security affirmation for online purchase and offering many payment options.

4. Only a catchy customer experience can open doors for the companies that makes sure repeat business and eCommerce web development takes responsibility of all such factors.

5. A well-prepared commerce web design has the features like email notification, auto-responders, multiple payment methods and payment processing by credit cards and other means.

6. Collectively, a successful eCommerce web design should answer this easy question- Is it a good experience for the customer to purchase products online from your website?

7. There are so many technological factors that are related to eCommerce design. And this is the reason that most businessmen are not aware of which website design advancement eCommerce is best for their online store.

Fact about eCommerce and Online businesses

  • In 2012, eCommerce sales topped $1 trillion for the first time in history
  • 1971 or 1972: The ARPANET is used to arrange a sale between students at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, later described as “the seminal act of e-commerce” in John Markoff’s book What the Dormouse Said.[1]
  • 1979: Michael Aldrich demonstrates the first online shopping system
  • In 2010, the United Kingdom had the biggest e-commerce market in the world when measured by the amount spent per capita
  • Among emerging economies, China’s e-commerce presence continues to expand every year. With 384 million internet users, China’s online shopping sales rose to $36.6 billion
  • In 2012, eCommerce sales topped $1 trillion for the first time in history
  • According to Cisco Visual Networking Index,[61] in 2014 the amount of mobile devices will outnumber the number of world population.
  • China is becoming the biggest e-commerce provider in the world.[63]The number of Internet users in China which amounts to 600 millions, and which is doubled than USA users in total.Economists have theorized that e-commerce ought to lead to intensified price competition, as it increases consumers’ ability to gather information about products and prices.
  • Economists have theorized that e-commerce ought to lead to intensified price competition, as it increases consumers’ ability to gather information about products and prices.

At Globalteckz : 

At Globalteckz we offer eCommerce consultancy services ensuring stunning results. We worked with our clients as a partners and not as a vendor by understanding all the unknowns, assumption, business processes, risk area to ensure smooth eCommerce implementation. We also offers you with eCommerce end to end services which includes, Selection of eCommerce CMS, eCommerce Website development, website enhancement, theme designing, Website customization, Integrations, Search engine optimizations including On page and off page and many more.

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