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Advantages and Benefits of ERP software includes Proper Planning; Better Management and Operational efficiency which can be easily controlled with ERP software in an Organization. ERP solution not only help in proper efficiency but also helps to create accurate decision quickly with few clicks. Today there are many ERP software available in the market that can be implemented quickly and easily with no hassles.

What is an ERP system/ ERP definition : 

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a complete software solution that consist of various  modules and features such as Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management,Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Human resource, Financial Management and so on. These modules are integrated with each other that reduce the stress of duplication of information and double entry with different department. An ERP solution facilitates homogeneous business operation for an Entire enterprise. Basic

ERP also called as Enterprise resource planning software are integrated systems that allows you business to manage all the different departments including accounting, manufacturing, Human resource and so on.. These systems act as a single software in your company to execute all different functions that is performed in a busienss with end to end workflow and data. ERP systems processes are tied with all other departments therefore the flow of data is smooth from one department to another. ERP software also reduce duplication and multiple manual entries. As of now with 21st century many businesses are moving from legacy software to ERP solutions including small businesses.

Following are the Advantages & Benefits of ERP software

  • ERP reduces Operational Cost

One of the most important benefits of using Enterprise Resource Planning software is that it helps you to reduce your operational cost since it co – ordinate with different departments of an organization. An ERP solution centralized different business processes which create a control on inventory cost, marketing cost, production cost and so on

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  • Ease of Tracking

The main benefits of ERP software increase and boost your day to day business activity, since detail of every department is available to the business heads which helps in quick decisions. Further ERP easily track every record & transactions from every department in few clicks.

  • Business Process Control

Another benefits of ERP software is that it helps you to control all your business process by defining goals and set of Objectives for your business. In your business there may be various departments who would be working at different level. without ERP software or system in place it may be difficult to ensure proper flow of one transaction to another. ERP system control every business processes from lead generation till after sales services.

  • Better Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

ERP increases the productivity and enhance customer satisfaction – With Integrated CRM software you can manage your leads and opportunities with greater satisfaction of your customer. Lead management and creating sales quotation becomes easy. You get complete detail of what customer previous purchases are and how to tackle each client.

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  •  Improves communication & collaboration

Improving communication and collaboration between different departments is another benefits of ERP software Even when it comes to different offices situated in different countries. Now a days ERP software comes with multi company and multi currency modules that helps you to track each and every office location. Even if you are into retail business you can improvise your collaboration with the franchisee or multiple retail outlet.

Apart from the above there are many other advantages and benefits of ERP software for your business. Therefore, you can see how ERP software solution can help you make your business successful. If you don’t have the immediate capital to buy the software, there are options for ERP software specifically for every organization ranging to small to big businesses. Some of these include cloud based version, SAAS model, Open source ERP software

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How GlobalTeckz can help you?

At GlobalTeckz we offer our clients with One of the leading Open Soruce ERP software called as Odoo (Previously known as OpenERP). We are official Odoo partners and our team have knowledge, expertise and experience in implementing Odoo ERP & business solutions for many SME’s & SMB’s.

For more information you can contact our team on sales@globalteckz.com

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