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Advantages of Business Intelligence - (BI) software-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


There are many benefits and advantages of business intelligence software. (BI) Business Intelligence is consider helping companies to be more effective and efficient further identifying new business opportunities. From past 5 years many organisation has started investing in business intelligence software as BI tools helps to get better understanding of different metrics and future growth and performance of the company. BI tools also help you to centralize everything in one place for different departments.

Business intelligence refers to computer software which allows you to collect complex business data and transform it into reports; the data can be for specific department or overall company structure. Today BI tool is becoming trend for big organization although due to cut throat competition faced by small business even SMEs has started using BI tools as the benefits are significant.  Let’s have a look on the Advantages of business intelligence software

Different ways business intelligence software can help your business:

Abolish assumption:

One of the biggest advantage of business intelligence software is that it abolish the assumption point – no one do funny business based on assumption as keeping facts in hand give you a proper path to achieve you goals in the short run and long run – BI tools helps you to provide you with best historical data and real time updates, BI also forecast the trend and predict what if analysis that abolish assumption or best guesses

Quick answers to your questions

Business Intelligence software helps you to get quick answers to your business questions without wasting much time on printing past reports or excel sheets.

Business reports

A BI tool helps you to get the business reports as and when require. It also allows you to check on the key metrics of your business offering access to critical business information as and when require.

Customer behavior management

One of the great benefits of BI tool is that it helps you to check the trend of what customers are buying and what you can best offer them gaining the more profitability and satisfaction. This helps you to manage your customer buying pattern proper and improvise your inventory.

Cross Selling and Up selling

BI software helps you to build customer data based on which sales manager can upsell and cross sell products at appropriate timings.

Streamline Processes and Operation

With Business intelligence tool you can streamline your business performances and operations as and when required.


Gaining the information as an when require may be hectic if there is no proper tool used. BI helps you to improve your company and departmental efficiency as you know what is happening in every department and all your information is centralize that can be viewed in few clicks.

Helps Manufacturing

A BI tool provides you with greater insights of manufacturing cost and based on which you can adjust the production for greater growth and profitability.

Inventory management

Business intelligence software helps you to manage your inventory so that you can order right amount of inventory as require. This eliminates better Just in time inventory management and you reduce your cost from excess stock management.

Improves Sales and Negotiations

BI tool helps your sales fore as the reports identify sales trends, improvements in the products, untouched markets etc. This helps your sales team to create a backup on negotiations with suppliers and vendors.

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