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Advantages and Disadvantages of Magento Community Edition

Advantages and disadvantages of Magento Community Edition – eCommerce platform Magento is adopted by huge number people and  180 000 online retailers  Magento is running on the top 10K websites in the Quant cast data which is built with the Trends 2013. From the Magento, the Magento Community Edition is Magneto CE  which is a  free version. And this is the platform that is built using open-source technology and offers online merchants with effective flexibility and control over the look, functionality, and content of the Electronic commerce store. But nowadays the Magento CE is considered one of the effective and excellent platforms for free e-commerce.

In this article, we will shed some light on the advantages (benefits) and disadvantages of the Magento community edition.

Advantages & Benefits of Magento eCommerce

1. Free eCommerce Platform

One of the biggest advantages of Magento website development is that it is a free eCommerce platform which can be implemented with lower cost compared to other CMS available in the market further Magento is feature Rich CMS which means it doesn’t matter how many number of products or orders you add on receive every day. Magento is enabled to handle all your eCommerce needs and it is enough for the store to manage hundreds of products and run seamlessly.

Therefore if you are implementing Magento for your eCommerce then there is no need to worry about the scalability and performance when your business grows. Magento even provides you with features such as product and inventory management in order to make the website easy to organize every time. Further filters set up and navigation in Magento helps to boost conversion rates and improve the overall performance of your eCommerce Store.

2. SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimizations is one of the most important area in today’s competitive business. Magento offers you with optimizing product pages and descriptions. Keeping in mind the process of SEO Magento has been built with the easy generation of SEO-friendly URLs. Magento website developed for eCommerce purpose are responsive which means you don’t need to worry on the various browser this further enhanced SEO, your store also enhance at customer experience.

3. Quick Loading

Another biggest benefit of Magento CMS is the speed of the website – Website speed plays an important role in Search engine optimization as well as reducing the bounce rate of the website. As per recent statistics by google indicate that more than 50 % of users leave the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. It is obvious that eCommerce websites consist of various pages and even product pages consist of huge data such as content, images, various functionalities, with the Magento website all these issues are taken care of.

4. Flexibility in content management 

Magento eCommerce comes with a powerful page edition. WYSIWYG – also called as what you see is what you get. This tool helps you to edit the website content without any technical knowledge. Furthermore, you can enhance the flexibility of the content by using third party free tools. 

5. Completely customizable

The biggest advantage of Magento is that you can completely customize the Magento website from design, look and feel, to adding any specific functionality for your customers. There are already many 3rd party Magento extensions available which can be used to meet your customer needs. You can completely makeover your Magento store as per your business requirements. It offers the users a great opportunity to change the code freely that is perfectly fit for the company and business requirements.

6. Powerful Reporting 

There are various reports available through the web interface and you can generate high-end reports as per your requirements. Reporting plays an important role in any business via which proper decisions can be created. Magento eCommerce gives you all the major insights such as customers, number of orders, products, and so on…. These reports update constantly for real-time decision making. 

7. Strong Community 

There is a growing community in the Magento who are very passionate and dedicated developers, providers and users. The Magento CE is available in free edition, so the technical team for the Magento’s support is limited. Community helps each other via knowledge sharing and can get solutions from experienced Magento developers from forums and websites throughout the world. 

Disadvantages & Drawbacks of the Magento Community Edition:

1. Speed Issues on Small Servers

Main disadvantage of Magento is using PHP.  During the heavy process, Magento application may consume more gigabytes of RAM. Although by using a proper server this disadvantage can overcome Actually, Magento provides fast page load by default but if you run your store on shared hosting, this can make your website speed slower and may increase the bad customer experience. 

2. Lacks Technical Support

There are many other areas you need to consider while running an eCommerce website such as downtime, security threat etc. There may be downtime or late response if you are looking out for technical support directly from Magento. to over come this issue you can hire a magento team or partner who can work and support round the clock on internal and external issues. You can opt for Pay as you go which is suitable for urgent task or monthly support for constant magento support. 


there are 2 types of support service: Pay as you go (PAYG), suitable for small businesses and urgent cases, and Monthly Support –designed for medium to large firms who need constant support.

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