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Home Advantages of OpenERP 7 integration with Magento eCommerce

Advantages of OpenERP 7 integration with Magento eCommerce

OpenERP 7 Integration with Magento

OpenERP 7 Integration with Magento

OpenERP version 7 integration with Magento offers variety of benefits to eCommerce merchants. As we all know that OpenERP 7 is one of the leading Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning software available in the market. OpenERP as a business tool offers you with a complete web based ERP solution functionality with 500+ modules for small and medium sized businesses.

OpenERP version 7 which got released last year had lot of new features; some of them are user friendly interface, clear design and many more. OpenERP is backed by powerful community members and partners that offer you with variety of plug-in which can be integrated with 3rd party software. Some of the most popular plug-in for OpenERP are OpenERP Magento connector, OpenERP QuickBooks integration and so on.

With the implementation & integration of OpenERP 7 with Magento eCommerce website, eCommerce merchants can now streamline their web store processes smoothly. OpenERP version 7 integration with Magento connector also handles multiple online stores.

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Some of the main advantages of OpenERP 7 integration with Magento

1. Open source ERP software:

The main advantages of OpenERP version 7 is that you get implementation of Leading Open source ERP software backed by strong community members. The number of users doesn’t need licenses for using the software and it can handle as many magento stores.

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 2. Modular

OpenERP offers you with more than 500+ modules that is easily installable and customizable as you’re your business operations. Further you can add modules as you grow.

3. Cost effective:

Cost is one of the major factors our eCommerce clients are choosing OpenERP as discussed there is no licensing cost and further the development cost is low as compare to proprietary software

4. Web based:

Being web based ERP software OpenERP ensures you that it can be access from anywhere via internet. This allows management to have a consolidated view of your operations with quick decision making. Although OpenERP works offline also but for merging Magento orders internet connectivity is require.

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Advantages of using OpenERP v7 for your Magento stores:

 One tool multiple functionality

Integration of OpenERP v7 with Magento store offers you with a complete ERP system from where you can manage all your orders, products, categories, customers and other related information.

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Multiple Magento store management

OpenERP 7 integration with Magento offers you to handle multiple stores from one single software apart from that you can also integrate non magento stores such as Prestashop* or altogether different online platform such as Amazon.com*, eBay* etc. Now managing common inventory for all these stores becomes easy rather managing from different back-end login.(*Different connectors)

Effective and Efficient decision making

As OpenERP is a web based tool you can manage all your magento stores from anywhere with the help of Internet connectivity. You get real time results and reporting as and when require that allows you with effective and efficient decision making.

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Multiple Currency & Company Handling

With OpenERP multi currency and multi company feature it becomes easy to manage variety of sales and assets from one single tool. OpenERP helps you with separate chart of accounts for each company.

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Shipping integration

With OpenERP 7 Magento integration you can also put add-on connectors to manage your shipping services; OpenERP can be integrated with famous shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS and so on.

Cost Effective & Quick Implementation

OpenERP 7 Magento integration can be implemented and Integrated quickly, Do remember incase of customization the timelines may disturb a little bit. Apart from that being Open source OpenERP offers you with cost effective ERP solutions.

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Quick Technical Facts about OpenERP :

  • OpenERP has a 3 layer structure: database, server and client.
  • The database is PostgreSQL.
  • The server part is written in Python.
  • Business functionality is organised into “modules”. A module is a folder with a pre-defined structure containing Python code and XML files. A module defines data structure, forms, reports, menus, procedures, workflows etc.

For OpenERP 7 Magento integration you can contact our team info@globalteckz.com

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