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An Overview of Joomla

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An Overview of Joomla

Joomla – because open source matters

Joomla is one of the leading open source CMS – Content management system that is available freely over the internet. Joomla was initially released in the year 2003 and supports PHP. Joomla CMS publishes the content on the web and offers you with variety of features and abilities.

Joomla is considered as of the widely used content management system around the globe and everyday it is growing popularity. Many web hosts support the CMS and many offers control panels which automatically install it easily without hassle.

Being open source, Joomla content management system has received loads of support as there are many websites which is powered by joomla, the best part of joomla is being Open source it is free for anyone to use with superb functionality.

What is Joomla Powered website?

A website which is powered by Joomla simply means that the design structure of template is received by Joomla. A template is nothing but an extension of the design, it is considered as internal part of CMS as a whole design of the website is covered there. Note : that there is a difference in Content and Design. There are many designer templates offered by Joomla some of them are free and some paid depending on the level of customization and features. Further a template can also be customized as per level required from color point of view, design, functionality and so on.

What is Extensions?

An extension is nothing but extra ability of Joomla, There are mainly 5 in joomla which includes components, languages, plug-ins, templates, and modules. Each of these functions is defined properly.  Although to create a base Joomla website there are many features available in the basic joomla CMS.

There are thousands of extensions available in the market today, providing you with different options to create fully customization website. Joomla is created keeping user in mind – The installation of Joomla is quite easy and a lay man with basic computer knowledge can also manage joomla back-end

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