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Best ERP for Magento eCommerce

Best ERP for Magento eCommerce

Best ERP for Magento eCommerce

Magento website implementations are growing worldwide and many eCommerce vendors are selecting magento CMS to manage their web stores. Some Online sellers use multiple stores for specific countries and some via different platforms such as eBay, Buy.com, Amazon.com. Many virtual retailers are opting for Online stores to increase their sales and to create an online presence. This arise the need of an ERP for Magento eCommerce

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Being an eCommerce vendors and selling variety of products online through your Magento website can become difficult when you have large inventory, delivery, Sales and others time consuming task with few people in your online business. Although Magento offers you with few out of the box functionality but that is not enough to manage every aspects of your business.

In this post we are trying to resolve the questions which recently got raised on various forums & social media sites. Few questions as an example were

  • What is good ERP software to use with Magento eCommerce?
  • What is a good ERP solution to use for an e-commerce start up with a Magento store?
  • Magento: What is the best ERP package that integrates with it?
  • Best ERP for Magento eCommerce

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To resolve these question following is our take

As a Magento seller what you would like to achieve?

Better Service, Better Delivery & Products management, a solution to handle your online platforms or multiple magento stores, to name a few. Now the important question arise – Is there any good ERP solutions which can Integrates and manage my Magento web store?

The Answer is Yes. – OpenERP which is one of the leading Open Source ERP software available in the market Integrates very well with Magento Stores. OpenERP is web based software that integrates well with your Magento website; with OpenERP, eCommerce Merchants can streamline their magento website., and considered as Best ERP for Magento eCommerce.

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Some of the main advantages of OpenERP integration with magento store

  • OpenERP is Open Source with a strong community backup
  • OpenERP can be customized as per your business processes
  • Modular in Nature that allows you with 500+ modules to choose from
  • Cost effective as there is no licensing require
  • OpenERP integration with Magento offers you with a complete ERP solution.
  • You can manage Multiple Online platforms such as eBay, Buy.com and so on. . or Multiple websites
  • ERP for Magento offers you with quick decision making
  • Better customer services & Deliveries.
  • You can also integrate shipping carriers
  • OpenERP has Multi company and currency module incase you are a global ecommerce seller.

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We at GlobalTeckz have implemented OpenERP with Magento for many of our clients, For more information on ERP for eCommerce you can contact us on info@globalteckz.com

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