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Any organization looking out to implement and ERP software would certainly choose the best ERP software that fits their organizational needs and business processes. Software selection is a tricky process as one needs to be very careful and knowledgeable of Modules and flexibility ERP is offering. Every business works in a different method such as some of them into Manufacturing who would be looking for a core MRP solution. Some business requires a Simple Inventory management ERP solution if they are having trading operations. Some companies may be operating through eCommerce platforms then they may be looking for ERP for Magento website or Prestashop stores or amazon stores so on and so forth.

The initial stages of any ERP selection is based on list of modules required by an business. As the growing competition in the market the tendency of Implementing ERP software for Small to Big businesses are Increasing. Days are gone when only few Big organizations used to implement ERP or MRP software to manage their internal business processes. With the increasing demand of ERP software there are almost more than 100’s of different brands offering ERP solution which is specifically crafted for different industries.

But Still organizations ask for the Best ERP software package that is affordable and fill all the needs and business requirements from Technical and Function perspective. In this blog post we will shed light on how you can select Best ERP solution for your business.

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Selecting the Best ERP software for your business requires loads of research that includes; Analysis of your existing business, and currently used software functionalities and capabilities. Remember to involve your lower level employees as they are the actual user of the software. Examine all your business processes and workflow including the strength and weakness.

This information not only helps you to get the Best ERP software selection but also create a powerful foundation for proper understanding of your requirements. Also involve your IT team to understand the needs from the technical perspective – Although one should note that ERP software should be more powerful from functional point rather than from technical point of view.

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Return on Investment and Cost involvement is another important factor which creates Best ERP software selection.  Ensure you have done a through cost analysis including the hidden cost and upgrade cost.

Powerful Project Planning and Implementation methodology is the key to get the Best ERP software since, Failure in ERP implementation happens when the vendor or the company don’t have proper project plan and implementation methodology.

Things even get worse when timelines are stretched due to poor planning – be assure to develop your implementation plan before you create a final decision on choosing ERP software. Remember to add data migration, pilot testing, quality check, user training in project plan

Choosing the best software – Keep your options open while choosing ERP software, gaining information from 2 or 3 market leaders prior selection may not get you the best ERP software as there are many ERP solutions based even on Open source technology that can be customized as per your business requirement with low cost. Check all of them and create an Extensive research from different vendors.

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The Best ERP software for the small business market is both capable and affordable, and can be run on remote server systems owned by hosting solutions and software service providers. Further based on the modules and workflows your business have the ERP software should be adoptable to those processes.

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