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Building a profitable eCommerce website is very easy task today with respect to the platforms available including the features that can be put into your eCommerce website to ensure powerful presentation of your products; But creating a profitable eCommerce online eCommerce website is something that based on the presentation you do of your business over the internet. There are many factors that lead eCommerce website to be a successful including technology, user experience, pre sales and post sales services, deliveries, queries resolutions and so on . . .

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful,” said Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

There are internal as well as external factors that decide your eCommerce store to be successful – but it is the user experience that offers you with profitability in the long run and survival. In this blog post we will shed some lights on the areas to be taken care off that help you build a profitable eCommerce website.

An eCommerce store is as similar as your retail store the only difference is the physical or virtual presence with bricks, interior and so on . .  Therefore eCommerce store needs to be powerful with good online marketing strategy and experiences.

  • Technology :

Technology is nothing but the platform which you are choose to create your online ecommerce store there are end number of eCommerce technologies available today to choose from such as Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, shopify and so on . .  Selecting a powerful technology is important to make sure you optimize the level of your online eCommerce business

  • Name of your web store

Brand name or domain name plays another important role after you select proper technology as domain name is all which state about your eCommerce store, make sure that domain name is short, easy to remember and powerful enough to showcase the capabilities of your products and services which you are dealing with.

  • Website design

As said that people buy the experience primarily; online website design is nothing but the user interface which place the products that is easily searchable without any hassle.

  • Pre and Post sales

There are many questions which lies in the mind of the customer before buying the products from your website. Make sure that the customer can raise the question before buying the products therefore pre sales and post sales services plays a very important role

  • Detailed information

The website pages or product pages should be able to answer all the major questions of the customer with respect to the features that are available in the product. Make sure to put Frequently asked question tab with respect to your products this will ensure that the customer feel confidence before buying the products.

  • Product Images

We don’t need to explain more on product images part as product images are those areas of your website which make or break the sales. Therefore good quality of images with multiple looks are very important to create a powerful & profitable  eCommerce website

  • Deliveries of Products

We have seen that timely delivery of the product at your customer doorstep enhance the confident to create frequent buyers or loyal customers. Make sure to use a powerful delivery courier so that the delivery is done within the stipulated time. The customer waits for the arrival of the products as they will be receiving the gift from someone and late delivery of products can be harmful.

There are many other list of detailed features to run a profitable eCommerce online website which we will cover in our later post some of the other important aspects to consider are – Don’t ignore mobile commerce, Social media plays important role, Proper consumer interaction via chat window, SEO friendly URL’s, Proper category management, Multi language, Easy check out and many more . . .

How Globalteckz can be your eCommerce Partner

At Globalteckz our team consist of various eCommerce developers including Magento, OpenCart, MoodleCMS, Zencart, CSCart, WordPress, Joomla,, Boostrap, CakePHP, Core PHP. We can help you out to make sure a powerful eCommerce website development on the technology you choose from including Search engine optimization that enhance your website sales and branding.

Some of the services towards eCommerce Development includes the following:

  • Implementation of new eCommerce website
  • Development of New website from Scratch on the above platforms
  • Search engine optimization
  • Themes designing
  • New feature designin
  • Integration with ERP software or 3rd party tools.

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