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Choosing Freelancer or Company for Software Projects

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Choosing Freelancer or Company for Software Projects

Choosing Freelancer or Company for Software Projects

Freelancer for software projects or Company for Software Projects Development. This has been one of the most common question with the decision maker either to go with freelance programming or hire a company for programming since the last decade the gig economy has been transformed with the way company work and do business all over the world. High speed internet and social media created drastic changes on remote working compare to workplace working. There are more an more people working from home or self employed via mode of freelancer or consultants.

Based on recent study 53 million Americans – a whopping 34 percent of the workforce – are now freelancing, be it as their main or supplemental income. This population contributes $715 billion each year to the economy through their freelance work.

If this seems like a lot, the gig economy is just expected to grow. By 2020, 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is expected to be independent contractors. By the same token, both employers and workers may not want to go the freelance route. From the employer’s point of view, they may prefer the implied commitment that goes along with a company to undertake any software project as there are many areas involved that can’t be handled by a single freelancer alone. Companies may prefer the stability of a company with different team of individuals at different processes of software implementation

In this blog post we have mentioned some of the advantages and disadvantages between hiring a Freelancer and a company for software development Projects or how you can resolve your confusion between Freelancer for software projects or Company for Software Projects Development while hiring.

Advantages of Freelancer / Freelance Programming :

Affordable Cost :

Freelancers tend to charge lower than that of professional companies with just 20-30% of the total cost charged by a company, the main reason of low cost is that freelancer is a single person who don’t have too much expenses to be paid compare to companies.

Flexible Attitude :

Since freelancers set their own schedules, They work based on the time they get in hand – further we have added this in Advantage as you can have them work day and night to get your projects completed faster.

Easy Availability:

 Since the rise of a multitude of freelancing outsourcing platforms, you can get in touch with freelancers easily via different online websites.

No Legal Bindings:

There are no such major legal agreements or issues involved with freelancers, and hence it is easier to set terms and conditions as per your will.

Disadvantages of hiring Freelancer / Freelance Developer :


Since freelancers work at their own will, it can be difficult to monitor them all the time, working on your project.

Trust issues.

 Because there are no Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) involved, it can be difficult to trust freelancers showing full dedication towards your project. Even there are confidentiality issues related to data privacy.

Seriousness compromised

When individuals take up work, they tend to be less serious as compared to an organization as a whole. Hence, a quality product can be something taking a backseat in this case.

Lacking at organizational skills.

While freelancers might be experts at technical knowledge, they still lack the soft personality traits or organizational skills such as time management, organizational behavior, professional approach, etc.

No maintenance or Support

Freelancers might complete a project haphazardly. However, what if bugs or errors appear from nowhere? They will show no more commitment in sorting out the post-deployment problems, and not stand responsible for post delivery issues if any.

Now Let’s have a look on Hiring a Professional Company for Software development projects

Advantages of Software Company

End To End Solutions

This especially is a one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional company as they offers you with end to end services with the likes of business consulting, idea evaluation, business analysis, project estimation, Delivery, support and so on. Which helps ensuring the project is on right track with 100% success rate.

Latest Technologies On Board.

 Since new technologies are evolving with moving time, the professional company can offer up to date contemporary solutions that freelancers might fail to do so.

Experience and Diverse expertise

When hiring a company, you are hiring a team of individuals with different kinds of expertise, as well as technical skills.

Legal Safety

Since you are bound with a professional company via contract or agreement, you have full assurance regarding the project completion on time under proposed budget with top-notch quality.

Relationships Build For Long Term

A professional company will satisfy you full-fledged ensuring relationships for the long term. This is unlike freelancers who just want to finish off with your projects rather than focusing on relationship building.

Ongoing Maintenance And Support.

Long term relationships do not mean just sufficing quality, but even providing a continuous support and maintenance after delivering the product.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Software Company


The only disadvantage associated with hiring a professional company is that the cost involved is little higher compare to hiring a freelancer and the cost are high because of the quality and brand that companies need to cope up with although not more than 30 to 40 % pricing difference would be there between company and freelancer. With that you even dont waste your own time with company to showcase what needs to be done on each steps of the project. Which may not be the case with Freelancers.

So what is your take Software Freelancer or Software Company

As per the above discussion where we mentioned the benefits and disadvantages between freelancers and company we conclude a professional company has more or less same advantages as that of freelancers. However, there is just one disadvantage associated with hiring a professional company, compared to a number of disadvantages with freelancers.

Hence, if cost factor is not a major issue, hiring professional company is an ideal approach; whereas, if finance is a major concern, it is a better to approach and opt for freelancers.

How our Company can Help you in achieving Project completions?

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  • Project Management tool
  • Dedicated Project Co-ordinator
  • 100% Confidentiality on NDA Execution
  • Expert Advice on Request
  • 30 days Free Support on any module our team have developed.
  • 1 year free support on projects ranging from 1 to 3 months
  • Cost effective compare to freelancers.
  • No extra charges on small changes.
  • Free Consultancy with no extra charges.
  • No Setup Fee

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