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Odoo Amazon connector

Odoo Amazon connector also known as Odoo Amazon extension or bridge has been developed by Globalteckz team specifically for eCommerce merchants who want to manage their amazon store in an ERP software. Odoo Amazon Connector offers you with synchronization of data between Odoo and Amazon Store.

Following are the features of Globalteckz Odoo amazon connector

  • Importing Orders in Odoo from Amazon (All AFN / MFN)
  • Importing Products
  • Importing Products categories
  • Importing product Attributes
  • Listing from Odoo to Amazon
  • Invoice Creation in Odoo for Amazon Orders
  • Importing of all your Amazon customer
  • Real time updates on order status
  • Multiple Amazon store management
  • Importing Payment methods and all your Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Automization of AFN Process including real time order status



This Odoo Amazon connector from Globalteckz is compatible with various countries specific Amazon stores such as Amazon.com, Amazon.EU, Amazon.ca. Amazon.fr. Amazon.in, Amazon.de and so on . . .

Odoo Compatibility

Odoo Version 8, OpenERP Version 7, OpenERP version 6


Globalteckz Odoo Amazon Connector is fully customizable further based on the needs and requirements and the API provided by specific countries Amazon stores

Other Connectors

We also have other connectors for eCommerce merchants who sell their products via different platforms such as eBay, Magento etc. Further we also have shipping and payments connector that makes ERP fit for eCommerce industry.

For more information on Pricing kindly contact our sales team on  sales@globalteckz.com

For pricing of Odoo Amazon Connector you can fill our inquiry form and our team will get back to you within 12 hours time