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How much Magento Development Services Cost to your Pockets ?

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How much Magento Development Services Cost to your Pockets ?

How much Magento Development Services Cost to your Pockets –  While implementing any platform or eCommerce store for your organization the first thing in mind comes is the investment and the cost involved in implementing eCommerce website. In this blog post we will discuss How much Magento Development Services and eCommerce website implementation cost? What are the factors that make up the magento website implementation cost and GlobalTeckz tips on How you can minimize your magento development services implementation cost.

One should remember there are different factors of costing that need to be consider while taking Magento Development Services. Few of them on a high level are noted below

1. Server Cost

Server Cost is recurring in nature – this is one of the basic cost to understand where you want to install or host your Magento website. Either you can buy a server inhouse or you can host it with shared hosting for which you can choose from the size of the server you require and this defines the overall cost that you need to pay yearly on your server.

2. Domain cost

Domain cost is another cost which is involved in magento development service & implementation, We are adding this cost with overall magento development because there are times where the domain cost are little higher

Tip – While buying your domain – Do remember to check on your basic keywords

eg: if you are selling carpet online then domain name such as is much suitable for SEO purposes

3. Magento Theme

Magento Themes Cost – To have certain theme for your magento store you can either opt for free themes and customize it or you can buy a new theme which cost few $ or either you can develop the theme with the vendor though psd file. This is another cost that is involved incase you are looking out for customized themes.

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4. Magento Extension cost

Magento extensions cost – This is another cost involved incase you are looking out for paid extensions for your magento website. Further incase if you are developing a new extension then there will be development cost involved.

5. Development Cost

This is simply the vendor fees or Magento development services cost that needs to be paid by you for development, implementation & customization of your magento store for uploading the products, categories and other details making a successful live of your website.

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Apart from the above there are other cost also involved which is as follows

6. Support cost

Support Cost include Annual maintenance charges which is charge based on the percentage this include bug fixing or issue resolution with your Magento store. Ensure you include the Support Cost or Support part with the vendor you sign in for your Magento development services.

Optional Cost – (Magento Marketing)

Search Engine Optimization Cost – SEO (in case you want to outsource this task)

If you see in the above we have covered various Magento development services cost that can be reduce while planning for Magento ecommerce store. The initial cost of investment for Magneto development can be high or low depending upon the above factors.

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GlobalTeckz Tip to reduce your magento development cost

  • Initiate with the default magento website with Open source version or you can choose from free magento themes which are available online
  • Minimize the customizations for the initial beta version
  • At least implement the base magento functionalities which you are looking out for
  • Check out for free extensions or similar extension (this can make your cost go down)
  • Once you are satisfied with the basic magento website then you can go for purchasing of themes extensions and so on. . One should note that there are many free themes and extensions available that can help you out with the features you are looking out for.

How much magento website implementation cost ?

Average costing of Magento website development many vary from 1000 USD till 20,000 USD this again depend upon what kind of goals you want to achieve – Do note this is just a base figure to keep in mind before making the basic budgets for Magento website implementation. If the magento implementation company or freelancer offer you less than 1000 USD budget then he would be just doing the installation of the store on your server and making live half way without any complete integration to payment gateways and products import which can be dangerous and time consuming.

Other version of Magento

  • Magento Go- From $15/month to $125/month
  • Community = Free / OpenSource
  • Professional- Starting at $2995
  • Enterprise- $12,990

(Please have a cross check on the magento website for the cost as it may differ time to time)

A Note about Magento

Magento is an eCommerce Platform with more than 5 millions + downloads. Magento is widely accepted by online small and big retailers including Samsung and many others, Implementation of Magento web store is growing worldwide, almost every eCommerce merchant consider & opt for Magento website implementation due to the fact that Magento is easily customizable with variety of plug-in to meet the organizational needs.

There are many advantages of Magento since being open source allows you with many modifications and customization as per your requirements. Further magento also consist of variety of ready made modules to choose.

About Globalteckz and Magento Development Services for your eCommerce Business

We at GlobalTeckz offer you with End to end solutions for Magento eCommerce Development Our services includes Magento development, Magento implementation and Magento customization. We choose the best and experience resources who work with your closely to ensure proper timely delivery of your Magento eCommerce website with quality Implementation which includes New module development for Magento, or new plug -ins, Extreme customization in designing, New features to existing magento website.

For more information on Magento website implementation cost you can contact our team on

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