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custom software, customized software developmentCustom Software Development and its Benefits-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


Custom Software Development is becoming one of the biggest trend within organizations. Today every business try to make every business process streamline by using workflow which benefits the business profits in optimized way. Simply it means that every business look out for uniqueness which is easy to follow and most beneficial.

To take an example is the processes of 2 business selling the same products and services may not be 100% similar. There may be a little bit changes in one or the other processes. Or another way is that the software which companies are choosing for implementation may not be as per the business processes of every customer – The processes are standard to make sure maximum companies can accept before the initial selection.

That is where Custom software development comes into picture to make sure your business don’t need to change the process as per the software – The software itself make sure every module is developed  and tailored based on your business needs.

What is Custom Software Development?

Customized software development is booming now a days for every single company – Custom software development is a process of creating a tool that meet your business needs and processes. Custom software development makes sure that there is complete flexibility in developing the modules as per your choice.

Custom software development make sure that you get exact solution as per your company requirements so to enhance the productivity – As we all know that changing the business processes may be a tricky task and may de motivate the employee towards following the new processes.

Custom software development and implementation can be tricky even if you have a good list of specification because custom software specifications need expertise to implement every point successfully. There are different areas that need to be taken care off such as the pain points, the future aspects of your business, experience of your team/vendor and so on . . .

Investing in Custom software development may be expensive compare to standard version but it make sure that custom software as per your business requirements works better in the long run – further it is so flexible that in case you change your business processes in future, it make sure you can change your existing software modules as per the requirements.

Globalteckz Experience in Custom Software development

With 10+ years of experience in implementing Custom ERP software for our clients we have seen not a single client follows the similar business process, 40% of the requirements are standard whereas 50% are customized requirements and 10% are special developments. Even if we consider 2 companies selling the similar products and services in similar country.

Many clients opt for Custom software development rather than the standard version and the reason is simple that customized software provides more edge in the productivity and business processes.  Although the figure of % above may be changing based on business to business but a minimum of 10 to 15 % customization is to taken into consideration.

Our team specialize in implementing one of the leading open source ERP software named as Odoo which consist of different modules such as Sales, purchase, warehouse, Accounting, Human resource management and so on. . . from recent years we are customizing Odoo modules as per the business requirements.  Our team also have experience in new module development from scratch. For more information you can email us on

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