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Home Customizable v/s Non Customizable ERP software

Customizable v/s Non Customizable ERP software

customizable versus non customizable erp software

customizable versus non customizable erp software

Many people confused when it comes to compare the two terminologies – Customizations and No customization into ERP software. As we all know every business work in a different way depending upon the industry type or even being into similar industry process wise. Therefore in recent years ERP software market has seen growth and demand of customizable software, as compare to the default or best of industry process implementation.

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Almost every business while implementing ERP software asks for customization area into the software. The reason is simple Tradition way of implementing ERP allows you to change your business processes as per the software, but today the market is so competitive with loads of ERP software entering into the market that Business don’t want to change their process it is rather changing the software as per their business processes.

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So let’s go more into the details of comparing Customizable and Non Customizable ERP software

Point 1:

Customizable ERP software are those which can be tailored, change, adding new module, Easy integrates with 3rd party software. In other words customizable ERP software allows you to change its source code so to work as you want.

Non Customizable ERP software simply cannot be tailored as per your needs and requirement. You have to implement what is there in the software and not what you want, the reason ERP are not customizable is that the source code is not available to change the main framework of the software.

Point 2:

With customizable ERP software vendor has complete access to the source code which can be tailored from almost every aspect of the software. From forms to workflows, processes, design, User Interface and so on.

Whereas non customizable software, where the source code is not available and they work on standard implementation method or you can say out of the box ERP systems

Point 3:

With customizable software you can even create a new module or a new functionality as per your business, which is not at all possible with standard ERP software packages.

Point 4:

If software is customizable then it is quite easy to integrate with other 3rd party software via API or web services. In case of non customized software packages you cannot create an integration point, there some famous ERP software which are rigid in nature offers you with 3rd party integration plug-ins.

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Our Suggestion

When it comes to out of the world processes it is better to go for customized ERP software and as said always “Vanilla is one of the best flavor”, minimize the customization points as it will minimize your cost during upgrades and version enhancement.

Also the word “custom” is a small word but when it comes to development it can take long time. Many a times, clients feel that their custom functionality is quite simple but developers or vendors can go crazy while implementation and development as in ERP every function have its affect to other module, therefore linking these customization is a heavy task.

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