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magento agency, Different types of Magento Development Providers-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


Magento agency or Magento development providers consist of various kind some providing full fledged end to end magento services, some only customizations and some only extensions. As we all know that Magento is one of the first choosen CMS for any eCommerce merchants as it is open source and very well known with the variety of functionalities and modules that are available online. Implementing Magento may be a difficult task if you have not selected the vendor or Magento development company properly.

In this blog post we will discuss different types of Magento agency / development companies or Magento experts from where you can choose them as a partner to work on your eCommerce development.

Official Magento Partners:

Sometimes they are called as big Magento providers being the tag of  having the official Magento partnership the number of experts may exceed more than 50+. These companies are also have different rankings on Magento partnership such as Gold silver and so on . .

The Main advantage of Official Magento partner is that these agencies hold numerious team with good experiences of Magento employees. They may include Magento professionals or certified developers. Further there are different team who work on different areas during the implementation such as Project managers, Designers, front end developers, QA and A/B testing teams, analytics specialists and many more. Being holding such a huge team, the website is coded in latest standard and they are tested thoroughly at every launch.

The disadvantage working with Official Magento partners or Big Magento companies is the pricing may be higher which SME may not be able to afford. Another area is that since there is many team members in hierarchy the decision making time may be high within the organization.

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Medium Sized Magento Development companies:

The medium sized Magento Agency / Development Company will have the rough staff of 15 – 50 people which is smaller in numbers compare to Magento partners. Although Medium sized Magento Agency may be a ready partner of Magento further staff will have the mix of both the Magento certified as well as non-certified developers. Medium Sized Magento Agencies has smaller sales teams comprise of designers, individual salesperson, project managers and account managers. You can easily get the quick resolution while working in the smaller agencies even you knows who are working on your project. The team members are located in same location with same time zone so that you can receive the best class personalized service.

Another advantage of hiring mid sized Magento Development Company is that the prices are very low compare to big agencies. Also small agencies are more aggressive in working as they are hungry to gain success in every project they undertake.

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Individual Magento Developers/ Magento Freelancer:

Individual Magento developers of freelancers are those people who either work from home individually or with 2 or 3 people under them. Normally Magento freelancer can provide you with your small Magento task done quickly but for big task there may be a risk in hiring individual developer as single person may not be able to handle all the task as the individual with strength in designing, implementation, back end development and shipping configuration.

The biggest advantage you get from hiring single Magento developer is that the cost is very very low compare to big or medium sized Magento companies further as one single person is working on your project quick actions and decision can be taken.

But the disadvantage may be the low experience which can ruin your Magento development if not selected properly. Further you may not get complete experience Magento freelancer who can implement every area of your business

Based on the above we suggest is to have medium size organization so to ensure you can put less cost with low risk on failures.

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