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Education ERP software | College Management System – Advantages

Education ERP or College Management system provides many benefits as various modules are linked to different departments of a school or college. Education business suites are Enterprise Resource Planning suites that offer you with various benefits if implemented properly which we will discuss in this blog post. ERP system is implemented in order to ensure the flow and business processes are streamlined. Be it manufacturing, trading or service industry like schools colleges universities etc

Education ERP suites are similarly used by employees in the district office to manage the resources of the district as a whole, or by office staff at individual schools. If we see the structure of schools or colleges there are multiple offices via which a college operates or maybe multiple colleges in different locations.

education management erp software school software college softwareSome of the main modules used by colleges include fees management, student management, courses, accounting, etc further a mixed match of enterprise modules such as lead management, sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, HR, and so on…..The combination of all these functions into a single ERP system helps in many ways to schools in managing their day-to-day operations.

Following is the list of modules one should look out for while choosing any ERP software for their college or school. These modules may vary based on your business requirements.

Education ERP Software Modules list:

  • Students Management
  • Course Management
  • Admission processing
  • Campus management
  • Lead / Enquiries Management
  • Overall Student Management
  • Billing & Fees
  • Subject Management
  • Classes
  • Faculty / Professor Handling
  • Timetable Handling
  • Examination Scheduling
  • Certificate Results and Document Management
  • Dashboards
  • Business Analytics
  • Reporting

Apart from the above module, other enterprise-level modules that one can include is as follows

  • Sales management
  • Purchase
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management

The above modules which we covered are some of the major modules that every School ERP system should hold. Further, there are other modules too which can be developed further based on the requirements and business needs. Implementing an ERP system provides education institute with many benefits some of them include:

  • Work Load Reduction:

The performance of staff increases in any organization due to minimizing the workload of every employee. With ERP, manual tasks related to regular paperwork get reduced to just recording data and the satisfactory result to the management of employee output as compared to before performance.

  • Increase Productivity:

The right usage of ERP software, it increases the efficiency of staff and the productivity of a college to a large extent. Some of these software systems are based on the regular output of work, and hence, the management can enforce discipline across every department for regularity and output, which will translate into improved productivity.

  • Better Command:

ERP software is designed in such a way that empowers management to have a better command of all functions. In ERP software system which is integrated with all functions like, employee, Payroll, Inventory, Times off, Requirement, Student Management channel, etc are in a single window. The Management has control over each function without disruption and also able to regulate the control of function.

  • Security of Data:

It is necessary for a management system to store data on a secure platform which is the primary goal offers by the ERP software offers. Most of the ERP systems set up their own unique web-based server that records all transactions and ensures that data is secured to the best extent.

  • Real-Time Reports:

ERP software management can elaborate real-time reports by generating reports from the system since it is real-time many types of reports can be generated from such software any time during the financial year.

  • Student relation:

The ERP software provides students with a virtual platform to interact with Management and that manipulates for fewer chances of miscommunication due to this it improves the relationship between management and student. ERP Software provided or students can get all the information regarding college activities and exams right through it. As for the college management, they get the option to broadcast announcing things on a virtual platform.


Implementing ERP software streamlines the processes of the educational institute. The performance and administrative operations get betters and since it synchronizes complete information planning of every resource gets better. The administrative staff gains proper and accurate data and saves lots of effort in fining reports. Even the student gets the platform to interact easily with ERP software.  Introducing ERP software in schools and college can bring major positive change in the functioning

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