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Getting traffic from twitter on website


I am quite sure that you landed on this page from twitter posting . . . Simple I gain 1 visitor from twitter posting end . . . ok let’s go more into detail, In this article we will talk about Twitter and how you can gain traffic from your twitter account.

Remember we said that 3 pillars of Search engine optimizations – Content + Social Media marketing + Link building. Now let’s put more focus on Social media networking or social media – As we know that there are many websites for social media networking and twitter is one of them which is largely used by organizations.

“The reasons of using twitter is different for every organization ie : some use for giving news, some for information, quiz and so on. . .but at the end the motive is same that is you are trying to bring traffic to your website or creating branding of your products and services.”

You have good content written perfectly with all search engine optimized keywords but if you are not gaining visitors or interesting readers then google, bing or yahoo may put you in lower rankings. Do remember that Twitter is not only one source for getting traffic to your website. There are many social media networking site from where bringing multiple audience.

Following are the Tips which you can follow to gain more traffic from Twitter:

tweet button
tweet button

A Tweet button on every article or blog post plays an important role. Just think if you gain 100 clicks every day on single article which will be tweeted by at least 10 readers you can imagine the result of traffic a tweet button can bring.

twitter bio
twitter bio

Twitter Bio is another important part of your twitter account to bring in the traffic and we have seen many user forgot to put the website link in the bio, Since if you gain followers everyday or you tweet there are certain group of followers who would like to go into your bio for more details.

“I personally tested a blog with twitter bio where everyday I get atleast 200 visitors without any SEO activity”

A link to your tweets
A link to your tweets

Putting Link while tweeting again this is not obligatory every time, but when you are tweeting you can put link of your website so readers can click and land up to your website – We suggest 1 out of 7 tweets must have link.

Using hashtags on twitter
Using hashtags on twitter

Using HashTags in your tweets plays important role since there are many users on twitter who search via #HashTags, A common eg : #SocialMedia or #Quotes etc. trends every day almost in many countries, therefore using hashtag simplifies the search in twitter for a user. It should not be used in every word but in 1 or 2 important words.

Creating Retweets to those tweets which you like, henceforth your followers will remember you – this is a branding trick on twitter so that user should remember and atleast go to your website or bio to know more about

With the above method you can find that you are increasing the traffic on your website – but still remember that content is a king. Your content should keep busy your visitors to read more and more.

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    December 14, 2013 Reply

    Tweet bio, and a complete twitter profile plays an important role in gaining more traffic from twitter account – apart from that list of twitter followers also help you out to get more traffic from your twitter account –
    Retweets on your tweets will boom and multiply the visitors

    November 29, 2013 Reply

    Respect to post author, some fantastic info .

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