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An ERP or Enterprise Resource planning software review and comparison for top ERP systems is one of the first steps after understanding the need of an ERP system in your business. ERP review & comparison helps organization to take better decision for selecting the top ERP system. As we all know that Enterprise resource planning system helps a business to streamline and automate variety of important functions such as Accounting, Financial Management, Sales, CRM, and Manufacturing etc.

Today there are many ERP software packages available in the market which is very robust and easy to initiate with further support loads of capabilities as seen in their website. But just going through with the website and the list of features may not suffice as one must review the software in detail manner to understand the capabilities and features that is needed by an organization. There are chances where a company requires minor customizations or changes in the workflow as every business perform their work in a different way.

If ERP comparison & reviews are not done properly before selection then it can either go in the failure stage and hurt company pocket or you need to work with the available functionalities. In case even later on you are able to customize the tool you need to pay more money.

How to review Top ERP systems for your business

There are different many software available in the market every brand consider themselves as top ERP systems, some of them are stand alone application some offers you with complete enterprise management system. ERP software system vary in strength and competitiveness based on the verticals, size, industry, geographical location and other factors. Even same features in two different ERP don’t offer equal functions. A proper evaluation process is required to understand the best fit ERP system for the business.

For a simple search on the ERP software review and comparison available you can search on http://www.softwareadvice.com as it provides you with proper understanding on the reviews, ratings, pricing and many other detailing.


If you have finalize on getting an ERP solution implementation for your business then; the first step is to make sure you have a proper Business Requirement Analysis document available which allows you to get list of features that is needed in an ERP software – Business Requirement analysis document also provides you with detail of every business processes and the pain areas that can be improvise with an ERP software.


Budgets plays a very important role in motivating towards the selection – If you have good budgets then you can opt for license based ERP software if not then you can select ERP software from Open source Category.

Open Source v/s Licensed

Once you have an idea on your budgets you can simply search for list of licensed or Open source ERP software available in the market – You can also easily search on http://www.softwareadvice.com to understand the reviews, comparison and price factor of an ERP solution.

Connect with Partners

There are many ERP partners out there who implement licensed or Open Source ERP software – go to company website and connect with their partners to understand the functions and features available

Give time for demo

May be based on your Business requirement Analysis there are ERP solutions which consist of similar features check out the demo for each ERP software you are considering for this will give you a rosy image on how the tool will look and feel during the use.

Ask for client references in similar industry

Client references in similar industry make 50% project successful check out the similar clients who implemented ERP software and the benefits they got from the vendor. This will ensure you have a powerful advantage in hand during selecting the software as well as the vendor.

Check  Proposals

Once you are satisfied with vendor and ERP review ask for Proposals. ERP software proposal is one of the thin line towards the go ahead for the project; make sure every detailing is covered from the list of duties performed by the vendor till the functions that you are looking out for.

Go Ahead

Once you narrow down on the proposal you can initiate with ERP project via kick off meeting with the team members. Since we are only covering the points on how to review ERP software we would like to end our post here. With ERP companies can achieve and maintain a solid competitive edge, reaching the zenith of productivity and cost-efficiency.

We hope with the above method you would be able to select top ERP systems for your business. In case of any further questions or ERP consultancy you can email us on sales@globalteckz.com


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