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ERP Software Training to End Users – Benefits and Advantages

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ERP software training, India MUMBAI

ERP Software Training to End Users – Benefits and Advantages

ERP software training to end users in an organization brings many benefits and advantages if the system is implemented properly as per business needs and requirements. Keeping the users in mind; while developing any Enterprise Resource Planning solution is essential areas. As for any implementation, the end users are the people who use the system and do entries as per transaction. If the users are not happy with the software then the business may scrape whole project.

Business software or Accounting Software is one of the fastest and most growing technology in the modern business world. As every organization consist of many activities like human resource, accounting and finance, sales and purchase, stocks and inventory management etc. Through ERP system, an organization can easily manage all these activities and their related information (which is required to run the successful business) in one central place like a “Centralized Data Server” and access it anywhere at time (i.e. 24×7) from any corner of the globe and get the accurate and real time data on-demand.

Prerequisites for ERP system Training

But there are some prerequisites also which is to be fulfilled by the organization as ERP implementation or “ERP successful implementation” consist of various activities that need to be taken care of out of which one of the important activity is Training this can be end users training or Functional training to the employees of the organization where  software has been implemented. Training the end user can be called as “Functional Training” whereas training the employees can be called as “Technical Training” and the combination of both these training is called as “Techno-functional Training”.

Importance & Benefits of User Training after ERP implementation

ERP software training plays a very important role after the implementation as without proper training ERP implementation can become a failure as no one would like to use the solution where you have invested for the well being of business processes & workflows. Some of the advantages of successfully implementing an end user training are as follows :

1) Increases employees capability:

Educating or training an employees helps in increasing the employees capability in achieving the organizations goals, because until and unless employees are not trained, they could not become familiar with the system and hence could not give their 100% to use the solution

There is an old saying, “Team” stands for “Together Everyone Achieve More”. Training fulfills this aspects also i.e. it helps the employees to work independently as well as together in a team to reach the business goals.

2) Successful Business Processes implementation:

If you have implemented an ERP solution a proper training to the employees ensure that the change in your processes will be followed by using the new software. Once you complete training properly by the  vendor it ensures that employees which are the actual user of solution will use it properly & smoothly.

3) Cost and time saving:

Organization consist of many activities said above, So at the initial stage implementing an ERP system and to train the end user is a cost and time consuming but at later stages it will saves a lot of time and resource for an organization because it combines and store all the data of the different activities of the business at one central place and end user can access it within a seconds from any where.

4) Risk Reduction:

As all the employees are working on the one centralized database, ERP training will reduces the risk of data redundancy in the database which helps in less human errors results in implementing better quality product.

Hence, successful business implements End-User training is an essential factor.

Types of  ERP Training:

There are two types of training methodology exists and widely used by all the organization as mentioned below,

On-The-Job Training:

As name indicates, training is given on the job site. In this type of training methodology new employees are actually performing a task by observing the trained employees, so it is less cost consuming because the employee is working on job site itself.

Of-The-Job Training:

In this training methodology, the training is given away from the job site (like a “class rooms method”) which can be near or far away from the job site but not on the actual job site. So its more cost and time consuming one. However, Of-The-Job Training method does not provide trainees with the real life working environment.

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