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If you are an eBay seller, you may finding difficulties with Managing your multiple eBay store, Our team at Globalteckz implemented ebay tools and ebay listing tools where you can maintain your ebay store via Order management system. With Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software for eBay shop Management implemented by GlobalTeckz Team for various eBay sellers using one of the leading Open source ERP software known as Odoo. Odoo eBay connector acts as ebay listing tools, order management system and ebay seller tools.

This Odoo eBay Connector helps online sellers to streamline their ebay listing, order management and many more features. Few of the key benefits of Using Odoo eBay connection for merchants are as :

  • A complete Enterprise resource planning solution that ties up all your business processes such as Customer Management, Inventory management, Warehousing, Accounting
  • eBay Order Management software, ebay listings tools for ebay Sellers.
  • Connect all your ebay store including multiple platforms such as Amazon store* Magento Store* and so on
  • Easily integrates with 3rd party shipping couriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and many more
  • Support different countries & stores using single login to manage all your common inventories
  • Real time results on what’s happening on multiple platforms.

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How you can improvise your Order management with Odoo eBay connector:

1. Odoo eBay integration import all your products and orders from eBay to Odoo

2. It synchronize all your inventories and products stock level on eBay store from Odoo

3. Easily update your order status from Odoo to eBay store including the tracking numbers.

4. Odoo eBay connector list all your product images to eBay from Odoo.

5. Re-Listing of products gets easy with Odoo eBay integration

6. Odoo eBay connector also offers you with Product schedule management where you can schedule listing of your products based on the requirements.

7. You can manage your products descriptions, images, attributes etc. in Odoo only.

At GlobalTeckz we have completed many successful implementation of Odoo integrations for our eCommerce client by integrating various connectors including Magento, Amazon, Prestashop and so on … For more information on Odoo eBay connection you can contact us on

About Odoo ERP software

Odoo is one of the leading web based ERP software specifically targeted to small and Big organizations. Odoo comes with a complete business applications such as Sales, Purchase, warehouse, Reports, Accounting and so on . . Odoo is backed by strong Open source Community and has been implemented by Big organization to enhance business processes and workflows.

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Quick Technical Facts about OpenERP/Odoo:

  • OpenERP/ Odoo has a 3 layer structure: database, server and client.
  • The database is PostgreSQL.
  • The server part is written in Python.
  • Business functionality is organised into “modules”. A module is a folder with a pre-defined structure containing Python code and XML files. A module defines data structure, forms, reports, menus, procedures, workflows etc.

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