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ERP software Selection

ERP software Selection – www.globalteckz.com

ERP – Enterprise resource planning is a business software system that allows you to integrate all your business planning, Manufacturing, Sales, Warehouse, Accounting and other facets of your business departments that includes the production and operation part in one single system.

Still there are many ERP packages available in the market which doesn’t support customization; as they acquire ERP systems with best practices. Customization of an ERP software can be little complicated and expensive if implementing proprietary software. Therefore implementing ERP software and selecting the best software which suits your business is another critical and important part.

An ERP software implementation consist of proper planning on variety of variables such as Modules to be installed, departments to be covered, users, roles hierarchy and most importantly the integration part with existing system.

ERP software selection is actually based on the processes of your organization or departments. Therefore before selecting any ERP software the functionality and technicalities should be very well define.

For Example:

“Manufacturing ERP software which is design for Process Manufacturing may not suit discrete manufacturing organization”.

There are many ERP software available which provides you with generic reports, generic modules therefore customization to these modules and reports becomes necessary to meet your business requirements. Although there are third party tools available this can be integrated to meet your requirements.

For Example:

Many ERP software doesn’t provides you with workflow management software, Business Intelligence, or full fledged easy Accounting, therefore to meet the needs and requirements the Main ERP software is integrated to create a complete system for the business.

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Further for ERP selection businesses also have other choice such as cloud based model, SAAS (Software as a service) or web based ERP software which don’t require installations of software on every machine and can be accessed via web browser.

We have even covered that there are Open source ERP software which companies nowadays consider while selecting ERP solutions for their businesses as they can be easily customized and integrates well with 3rd party software.

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As ERP software are considered as one of the most important business tool that integrates all your departments into one single system. Although there are many options available for selecting an ERP software and if the tool is implemented or selected correctly, It can provide you with a good Return on your investment.

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We at GlobalTeckz offers you with one of the leading Open source ERP software that can be customized as per your requirement and it’s easily integrate with all your business departments across various regions. For more information you can contact us – info@globalteckz.com

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