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ERPNext Demo is one of the important steps taken by any business before selecting ERPnext as business software for their organization. ERPNext live demonstration helps you with an understanding of core functionalities of the module and plan accordingly on the configuration required, customizations needed and an overall time estimation for completing the project as per the business processes.

ERPNex is a generic Enterprise Resource Planning solution used by manufacturers, distributors, and service companies. It includes modules like accounting, CRM, sales, purchasing, website, eCommerce, PoS(Point of Sale), Manufacturing, Warehouse, Project Management, inventory, and services. Also, it has domain-specific modules like schools, healthcare, agriculture, and non-profit. 

We provide ERPNext implementation and customization services with complete end-to-end support.  ERPNext (erpnext.org) is an Open Source, cloud platform that integrates your entire organization and helps your employees focus on the right priorities. With a centralized, secure database, all authorized users get to see the latest status of various activities – buying, manufacturing, deliveries, helping your employees manage customer expectations more efficiently and productively.

Implementing any ERP software can be tricky if you are not familiar with the functions that are available in the solution. Further ERPNext Live demo or any other ERP software demo helps you in proper decision making as you gain knowledge and understanding of core functions, Modules that fits your business needs and requirements. ERP demo provided by the vendor helps you to ask live questions and mould your requirements into the software. Demo also enhances the level of customizations you need in the ERP solution and you can decide on the viability of ERP implementation in your business.

ERPNext Demo

What is ERPNext?

ERPNext Modules and apps listERPNext is open-source business software also called as Enterprise Resource Planning for organizations for any vertical Industries. It’s good for growing businesses that have limited resources and would benefit from the scalability and strong customization.

Why use ERPNext?

Below are some of the key differentiators & advantages of ERPNext

  • Developer-Friendly:

ERPNext system is open-source which gives the user strong control over customization. Users are able to make system workflow as per their requirements specifically while editing the system to add their own apps which are built-in Frappe Framework.

  • Scalable:

Another advantage of open-source ERPNext software is the ability to scale up with respect to the growth of the company. The user can avoid reimplementations to add more users or upgrade the software with their open-source model. Additionally, User has the ability to have a choice to pick which modules or customer support they want to work on it.

  • Commitment-Free:

The user can quickly launch the trial on the cloud through the ERPNext website. ERPNext offers a 14 day free trial for new users that allows the Client to try out the system on the cloud before making any commitments.

  • Low Cost:

The low cost of this system is one of the major benefits for businesses with limited resources. The system can be free or users can optional practical training for a priced package with more features including Hosting. 

Industry Expertise

ERPNext offers industry-specific solutions for a range of industries including services, manufacturing, retail, distribution, education, non-profit, agriculture, and healthcare. The solution works for any size business.

ERPNext consist of the below list of modules:

  • Sales Management
  • Point of Sales (PoS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Asset Management
  • Accounting
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management 

There are other lists of Module too which can be further customized as per the business requirements of the customer.

How ERPNext Demo software can be performed?

There are mainly 3 major methods of performing ERPnext software demo based on the preferences of the clients. Based on the below method through which one can judge the capabilities of the software.

ERPnext demo link vs live demo vs videos

  • ERPNext Demo Link 

In Demo link method client ask for a demonstration link via which various modules of ERPNext software can be checked with insights on the workflows of CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, etc. The main disadvantage of this method is until you don’t know about ERPNext software base module you may not understand the full functionality of core modules as every Module is vast and provide you with an end number of possibilities. Also with Demo links, you don’t get two-way communication which means you only check limited functionalities.

The benefit of Demo link is that you can check the demo as per your own schedule – whenever free at a span of 1 week or 2 week to understand the detail functions.

  • ERPNext Live Demo / Vendor Guided Demonstration

As the name appears Vendor guided Demonstration is a 2 way communicated demo where you get a complete guidance from the ERPNext Vendor on various functions, the configuration areas, customizations area and a base understanding on timelines to invest for the complete project.

This is one of the most common types of ERPNext demo which is also called a vendor guided demonstration. This type of demo is conducted online or in-person at client’s place. The live demo is more interactive as you can raise your questions and doubts with respect to every module and functionalities of the system. You also get the judgment of ERPNext capabilities either it can fit your business needs or not and if yes then how many levels of customizations are required. You can share your organization’s requirements and based on that Globalteckz can provide you with a demonstration with available features in ERPNext software.

  • ERPNext Videos 

This is also called as the simplest demo which is presented in the form of videos. This has been argued many times “this isn’t a really demo at all, as it lacks interactivity” This method just showcases the key capabilities of ERPNext different apps.

If you are looking for ERPnext live demo please email us on sales@globalteckz.com

Our team at Globalteckz also offers business requirement analysis to our clients which are one of the most important analyses for any business who want to implement any ERP software. We will discuss more in detail about Business requirements analysis in our next blog post including the importance and the stages of documentation.


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