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Fastest Odoo 16 Implementation for Furniture Manufacturing – Case Study

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Fastest Odoo 16 Implementation for Furniture Manufacturing – Case Study

In this case study, we would like to share a success story about Odoo 16 implementation for a Furniture manufacturing unit based in Mumbai. At Globalteckz we implemented this project at the fastest rate after working with Odoo ERP from past 10 years. The reason to cover this case study is that it is specific to the Manufacturing domain which is quite complicated with respect to Enterprise Resource Planning implementation, unlike other verticals where ERP implementations are simple.

Overview of Odoo 16 Implementation

Odoo 16 launched in the mid week of October 2022, The new Odoo system consist of various new modules and functionalities. As a leading ERP software there has been many new features added including the speed of the solution (Quite an Impressive start of the Presentation by comparing with largest Brand). Odoo 16 is the fastest, user-friendly, and the most high-end of its predecessor version (v15).

This was one of the fastest closures of Manufacturing lead with Globalteckz – as within the first call it took less than 24 hours for the client to took the decision on moving forward by acquiring the licenses for the project.

Client Overview:

innowin furnitureInnowin Furniture – a subsidiary of Bharat furniture is into manufacturing of furniture such as chairs; beds and other home décor products. Innowin is a 35+ years old company that manufacture ergonomic products to improve the health and comfort at work life. For more information about client products Visit

Motivators for the client

  1. Latest Odoo version launch – v16
  2. Speed of the software – The first impact of v16 launch
  3. Newly added Functionalities compare to the older version of Odoo ERP
  4. Cost discounting – compare to older version of Odoo.
  5. Globalteckz experience working with Furniture Manufacturing industries.
  6. Implementation timeline provided by Globalteckz team.
  7. Already a functional expert hired by the client for smooth deliveries.

Business challenge

The client was using spread sheets and tally in order to manage the day to day business and accounting and invoicing. The Business challenge was to automate the complete processes and departments with an ERP solution by replacing the spreadsheets and tally accounting system. Furniture industry specially Manufacturing business consist of more challenges with the product variants compare to trading or any other businesses. An Example for huge variants – Single chair or a table can have 100 of variants with color size designs sunmyica sheets etc.

Our solution

We proposed Odoo 16 as the latest version launched to the client with minimal customizations and maximizing the configurations available in the system. This method was agreed by the client as in the initial stages of development the client would like to gain the confidence of the internal team with the benefits of Odoo ERP software.

 Globalteckz already have experience working with various furniture manufacturing industries including chairs manufacturing home décor doors manufacturers. Therefore the modules that required customizations with the current business processes of Innowin needed to tweak and migrated from the older version. Following list of modules that has been implemented with Odoo ERP software

odoo 16 implementation for furniture manufacturing

  1. CRM
  2. Sales Management
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Invoicing
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Accounting
  7. WhatsApp integration

Other Services from Globalteckz

  1. Customizations
  2. Training
  3. Documentation
  4. Support

Implementation & Development Methodology

Since the timelines were too tight – We followed Agile development methodology towards Odoo 16 Implementation. From the client side we were assigned with 1 resource that can help in managing the data and from Globalteckz team we assigned :- 1 Project Manager for Configuration + 1 Sr. Resource for handling customizations + 1 Jr. Resource for Migration of old functions and making compatible with version 16. We propose a project management methodology based on Scrum or Kanban which best fits the specific project needs and context.

With this project communication was the key in order to make development quick and roll out every single configurations in Odoo. Skype and WhatsApp groups played an important role to ease out communication.  We worked closely with the Client Team and the Infrastructure Team to offer tech support and maintenance when needed.

The main benefit of was  the time consumption we reduce for setting up the servers and Ubuntu installation which requires with On-premises server for the client – Through the main benefit clients got was not handling multiple vendors for Odoo Server set up plus the configuration by suffice the client requirements.

Completion of Implementation

We completed the Phase 1 of the project within 1 week’s time by adding multiple resources towards the project. The next task is towards the training and handholding of Odoo 16 which will be provided post diwali vacation. Further to that; there may be next phase which includes more customizations and development that can take place once the existing excel and legacy system is replaced.


  • Odoo version 16 – Enterprise Edition
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Posgres

What Client speaks :

Since the launch of Odoo 16 we really liked the presentation and the functions that were showcased by the Globalteckz team. Odoo 16 is really very fast and adaptive to the user clicks and offers a plethora of functionalities that Furniture Manufacturing companies like us needed to achieve Business Process Optimizations.”

– Mohit Hardwani -Partner –

Innowin Furniture – Mumbai 


Furniture has a wide variety of dimensions, colors, finishes, fabrics and product options.  These are placing increased demands on the information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required in the business. Odoo 16 for Innowin furniture will help in keeping track of all kinds of furniture inventory like manufacturing of office furniture, case goods, seating, commercial, upholstered and specialty furniture, irrespective of their raw material.

Globalteckz have a range of experience in Implementing Odoo ERP software for Furniture manufacturing handling 1000+ variants of one particular product, more than 100 + Bill of materials management, and extreme level customizations for furniture  Industries. For more information email us on


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