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How CRM Software helps Business

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How CRM Software helps Business

How CRM Software helps Business
How CRM Software helps Business

Customer Relationship Management also known as CRM software nowadays implemented by almost every business to manage their Sales force and clients in an organized manner. Customer Relationship Management software helps you with different features such as lead management, opportunities management, sales pipeline, Marketing activities, Client handling, Support, Helpdesk and so on. .

 In summary

“CRM helps Sales organization to work more effectively and efficiently, taking and making better decision on every customer”

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CRM software implementation is quick and easy as compare to other software, further it focus on increasing sales and customer retention which is key for accomplishment of any business. CRM not only improves your internal business or sales force but also helps customers and stakeholders. Let see how CRM software helps business growth.

Lead management / Sales force automation

Implementing CRM software helps your sales team in better lead management & handling; Leads are nothing but a contact that can be converted into a sales order after nurture and follow ups. It may be difficult for a sales person to remember every lead and the day of communication therefore every lead mapped into the CRM tool can be easily traceable with the date and time of follow up.

Fact : 17 percent of businesses are just unaware of CRM usage.

As a CEO you cannot manage every single sales department which is scattered across the globe. Therefore, with CRM software you can manage your sales pipelines, Opportunities, sales forecast for coming quarter or annually. CRM helps you in proper decision making which you can drill down to the report of every single salesman so to check the performance and to take corrective measures.

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Time Saving

CRM software helps loads of time saving as compare to manual entries in a diary. As handy information is available you can check information of your customers and their queries quickly for better handling. It saves lot of time even during sales meeting as all the information is available in the software.

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Sales Management

CRM software not only helps you and your customer but also manage the most important part of your business i.e.: “Sales” With CRM software in place you can manage every aspect of your sales cycle, and can manage corrective decision on certain clients without losing them

According to Gartner

“Gartner has the most aggressive forecast of CRM SaaS adoption, projecting 50% of all the CRM application will be web based by 2016.”

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Increase Cross Sales

Once you start serving your customer properly by using CRM software, you can also check on cross selling via offering other products and services of your business. Further you can even check other products which are required by the client and start introducing them in your business.

Quick and efficient communication

CRM helps you in better communication as compare to traditional method of handling clients. Today every sales representative is busy with loads of clients and prospects. Remembering each and every client or their communication history may be a difficult task. Therefore CRM tools act as a communication tool for both internal employees as well as for your customers. With the help of few clicks you can drill down to the history of last communication or the products and services they purchased from your organization.

Marketing Automation

CRM software helps you in understanding the customer behavior & patterns, henceforth allowing marketing automation. When views of customers on certain products and services are captured in the CRM software it allows ease to take proper marketing decisions.


Key points you should consider while planning to implement a CRM Software.

  • It’s all about the customer.
  • Don’t ignore the users as they are actual users who will feed the data into the system.
  • Minimize the data entry and fields in the CRM to avoid time consumption.
  • Customer Relationship Management or CRM is not just software its a Strategy.
  • Understand all CRM vendors and its features before puchasing

Customer Relationship Management can be very beneficial for a business if it is implemented properly remember to make note of all the points and make easy to use for the sales people.

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