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sales software, sales management software, HOW SALES MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE IMPROVES YOUR BUSINESS


Implementing a Sales software for sales management is one of the first task organization undertake before going forward with ERP software or any other software as Sales Department is one of the most important departments of any organization. As they can make or break business growth. Further Sales is the only department considered from where you gain the revenue, profits to run your business activities.

You have powerful Sales & Marketing strategy then also your sales team not able to achieve the numbers, which means proper sales tracking software needs to be implemented for managing every client. Sales Management software is considered as one of the best sales tracking tools that enhance your sales and business growth.

Simple Case Study of Sales Management Software

I still remember when we were implemented Sales Software for one of our client based in UAE. The client was into educational services and use to gain leads via newspaper advertisement.

After spending 2000 US $ he used to have around 50 to 80 inquiries of a value of around 500$ per course. But due to limited sales staff, it was difficult to handle every lead and the finally end up losing more than 30 leads due to follow up and other issue and so on.

After implementing Sales software it got easy to handle every lead since many things was automated, such as lead follow up, meetings and so on . .

Sales Management software helps you to avoid loop holes in your business.

Sales Management reduce the sales cycles and increase the number of follow up on every client which can offer big business, that may be difficult to handle via manually.

  • Sales software helps you in proper management of your sales department across the globe. With few clicks, you can check the performance of individual sales department and salesman.
  • With Sales management software your sales team can increase their efficiency by handling more clients.

Some of the salient features of any Sales software include the following

  • Dashboard

To gain bird view of your every sales territory and the target achieved till date, Dashboards also helps you in gaining the number about how many leads/opportunities sales department are talking to with the number of revenue expected.

  • Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important features for those businesses who perform their sales via cold calling or customer meeting. With Reports, you gain information on how many sales people are performing a number of calls every day and their target audience. Apart from that it also offers a variety of reports such as Reports via a number of leads, performance, sales, opportunities and so on…

  • Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is another important aspect of any sales management software as it allows you to forecast your sales figure, growth and strategies.

  • Opportunities Management

With Sales software you can trace the number of business opportunity you have in hand for a particular month and craft decision & strategies based on number.

  • Lead Management

Lead can be anything an email, a phone number or name of person from a particular company. Sales management software helps you in managing all the leads which your sales department or marketing department gain from various activities. Sales software helps you in easy lead management and further you can convert it into opportunity as and when the requirement arises.

  • Improves Sales Activities

Sales software allows you to manage all your business activities in real time so to make quick decisions. Today there are web based Sales tracking tools available where data feeding can be performed via smart phones or Tablets with the help of internet.

Apart from the above, there are many other features such as appointment scheduling, calendar, meeting management, sales order, quotation management that can be performed via sales management tool.  One should remember that there is a difference between CRM software and Sales management software as CRM software consists of many features of Sales software.

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