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As we have discussed in our many post that today social media and internet has taken over the traditional way of marketing and doing businesses. There are many areas where social media help businesses to grow be it online advertisement, online sales, marketing or customer support. In this blog we will shed some lights on how social media helps your business in customer services and support. Today big companies are relying more on social media communities to support the customer queries since the number of users are growing day by day who register their complaints via social media channels.

Today any prospect customer before buying any products or services research on social networking site or on major search engines to gain the best review of the products before buying them. Be it forums, facebook, twitter, instragram and many more, prospects or customer initiate their homework via researching from these networking websites. In this blog post we will shed some lights on how social media helps you in powerful customer service and support.

Following are the list of advantages you gain from supporting your customer queries via social media channels

  • Powerful co – ordination

Social media networking websites allows you to have powerful and proper co-ordination from your support team. With social media you can also help your customer to take a proper decision before buying the product. Further incase any issue faced by your customer can be taken care off from the networking website itself.

  • Support

Rather getting too many emails from your clients which can sometime may go in your spam box with social media channels you can quickly communicate with your customers and offer the support timeline. Resolving queries from social media site is as similar as talking to your customer in front of each other.

  • Quicker Response

Social media sites such as forums or simply the facebook fan page allows your customer to post their queries, the first duty lies here is to respond them quickly which can enhance Customer satisfaction.

  • Pre Purchase Review

Social media helps in providing proper reviews of the products which customer would like to purchase therefore this minimize the complaints also since they already experience the product from other people.

  • Better than other communication tools

Days are gone where email or telephone was the primary source of getting support for the queries, since the response time was too long & time consuming. Therefore social media is now getting more and more powerful in customer relationship management.

  • At Globalteckz :

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