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How Social Media Networking helps in Branding

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How Social Media Networking helps in Branding

How Social media helps in Branding

The base of every organization stands on the pillar of communications with people about who they are and what they offer; in other words to create “Branding” or a “Brand”. Every organization communicates and reaches to more and more people either via Traditional way of branding or via Social Media Networking. In today’s online world Social Media Networking is considered as one of the key strategies for communicating with millions of people who are available to gain good information from their PC, Tablets and even Mobile phones.

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Social Media Networking is growing every day with every new company, business, products communicating and creating pages, and accounts on leading social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on. Therefore communicating on these website regularly and providing information to your visitors/followers is equally important.

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The biggest advantage of social media networking is that it’s universal which means you can communicate a single message to millions of people in every single minute for free of cost.  Therefore Social Networks helps you in building your brand in a different way, where a single post can create millions of likes and brand awareness, further sharing of these messages by your group members can multiply the effect, which is also known as viral marketing on Social sites.

So how you can move forward building a good brand for your products via Social networking

Branding is altogether seems easy task but it can take more time if not executed properly. One of the most important part of branding is the Name and the logo by which people identifies your products and services. Normally a consumer may check many times about you before considering a purchase. Henceforth making the presence and feeding your customer with information properly is one of the key tasks to create a powerful brand.

Communicating with your customers who are already available on social sites and connecting them is another way of branding. Their positive views on your products and services can create wonders and motivation for others to like your company or follow your business. Ask for Help, Ask for review, Give surprises, or Online Quiz on these sites that can involve more and more users.

Personal Experience:

“On twitter every week in India there are more than 4 companies who go viral with contest using Hashtags. They almost gain the top 10 trending topics of twitter”

“Gaining followers is easy once you starts trending on twitter list”

Another advantage of Social media is that a company with small group of people can be perceived as a big company in the mind of customers. Don’t you feel Twitter is a big organization, with many employees working round the clock? The fact is Twitter as a Brand is big, twitter only have 900* employees (*as per 2012 data. Source – Wikipedia) that’s a perception you can create in the mind of your customers via social media networking.

Creating brand via social media is not an easy task since it requires professionals who work for you and provides you with proper results. It doesn’t matter if you have account on almost leading Social media networking sites, a proper strategy for branding your products and services should be carry out to make it successful.

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