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How to Build the Agency Blog for the Brands they manage effectively-Globalteckz ERP and Magento Development Company


In today’s digital world blogging is quite necessary for business and marketing. If you don’t know how to start a blog, then you should learn it. For that, many tutorials are there on the internet, you can educate yourself. Effective blogging will help you to show off your agency’s expertise. You can also establish yourself as an expert in your field by proving amazing contents for your clients.

Here are 7 things that you can do to build your agency blog an effective one.

1. Make a content calendar

A content calendar is a shareable resource which keeps your readers and audience engaged with your blog, it also prevents your content becoming repetitive or overly random. You’re always required to put out a fresh, and relevant content for the audiences in order make your agency blog more effective. And only a strategic content calendar can help you in this regard.  Maintaining a content calendar is an excellent way to save both time and energy.  By using a content calendar you can keep track of your contents distributed throughout the year, or plan your contents that need to be published. A better content calendar will help you to improve branding and also the search results of your website.

2. Decide how much time you want to post

This is the most important part of blogging. Once you start a blog, you need to consider some crucial things like how often you’ll update your blog or how much time you need to post your content. In order make your agency blog an effective one I’d say at least once a week you should update your blog, which you can increase later. Make a blog posting schedule and try to stick to it, it will help you to manage your time more effectively. A better posting schedule is extremely necessary to keep your audience engaged with your blog.

3. Choose the best blogging platform

To start a blog and also to make it a productive one, it’s crucial to choose the best blogging site. Many business owners consider blogging as a necessary evil, often overlook the need for a top rated blogging platform and go with the commonly used and a cheaper one.

But when you’re using your blog to market your brands, it becomes too important to opt the best blogging platform which will keep you at the forefront in your business. Now, you may be wonder which platform would be the best one for your business. Well, it completely depends on your needs. Every blogging platform has some unique features or tools, so you need to evaluate these features first, and then only you can decide the best one for your business. Remember, having the right tools are necessary to grow your business further.

4. Find out most interesting topics

In today’s content saturated world to make your blog effective, you have to post lots of great content. If your content sounds boring, then your audience won’t spend their valuable time to read the full content. In this way, your whole work will go in vain. You need to spend some time to create some good stuff, tell them a story in such manner that your readers find interesting to read.

Apply foreshadowing technique while writing something, good writers often uses this technique. ‘Foreshadowing’ means giving some hint regarding the story or content without disclosing the whole plot. This technique will help to keep your audience engaged with your blog.

5. Examine on your competitor keywords

Examining competitor keywords can improve your blog content. Through this process, you’ll get an idea like what content or which topics are working for your competitors, and then you can use those topics or content for your blog articles. Just go through with keywords ranking of your competitor’s blog content which will help you to get additional ideas for your blog content. If you are able to write much better content than your competitor, then you’ll land up with more traffic.

6. Create a bank of images

In digital marketing quality content becomes crucial, it can make or break your business. So, if you post 1000 words long content nothing but only text, then at some point your readers will lose interest to read the full article. Just ask yourself, whether you will read the whole article if it is a text-only one? Studies show that the articles that include lots of images get 80 – 85% more views than text-only articles. Take the example of social media like Facebook, the post that includes images has much more likes than posts without any image.  Efficient use of images in the article will always get you more page views.

7. Try to write short posts

Short blog posts always bring visual appeal to your blog. Writing blog posts in short paragraphs also give a visual relief from the text heavy web portal.  Also, most of the readers don’t like to read a long post, often skip it, they find it overwhelming to read long text-only blog posts whereas if there is a short post, readers always enjoy reading it.

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