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Before we go into ERP implementation – Planning of ERP implementation is very important part. Enterprise Resource planning software is considered as one of the most important tool for small to mid sized businesses to plan every department in an optimized way. To reap the benefits of ERP software it requires proper implementation approach including the involvement of employees, stakeholders and the actual users.  ERP implementation plan sometimes also needed refining of your current business processes and organisational procedures to meet the demand and this can be only achieved when you have a proper ERP implementation plan.

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How to develop ERP implementation plan

Most of the ERP Expert feels that Problems don’t arise within the software that has been offered based on industries, but through the way companies plan the software development including the methodology. To make sure you have a proper ERP implementation project plan which will tends to success you need to follow the best practices.

The basic is why your company needs ERP software?

This is the upmost basic question that arises to clarify the purpose of ERP software in your organization. It also helps to lay a foundation to understand the requirements in different departments, defining the purpose of an ERP system and so on . . .

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Requirements Scrutinizing

Every organization that tends to implement an ERP solution always focuses on the internal resource during requirements analysis which is incorrect. You also need to consider the external business process and stake holders as an example. To check the capabilities of ERP software you can run a complex business process which will help you to understand the timelines for ERP development. For Business requirement Analysis you can take help of ERP experts who helps you to bring all your workflows and requirements on paper that further helps you to enhance and optimize the ERP implementation process.

Plan Little early

There are many case studies available over the internet on the stretching of ERP implementation timelines which tends to failures. There may be several issues but the most important one is poor planning and late planning. Poor planning where you don’t provide enough time for understanding the key performances, vendor capabilities, feedbacks, test analysis, risk management and so on and late planning refers to not giving enough time and starting the project in hurry. We have seen companies taking 1 year time to decide on ERP selection without doing proper homework.

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Keep good time for training

Once you implement ERP software another critical task is to train the user about how the system works many companies don’t invest much in training where the user get de-motivated as they don’t know how to use the system properly. Further lack of training also creates failures as the ERP implemented successfully is not much used by the user. The training person should be completely understandable on each and every functional areas of the business including the ERP software.

Involve Top management

ERP implementation is not successful until top management involved during analysis and implementation. As top level management provides valuable inputs to make sure the system is implemented with powerful processes.

Implementing an ERP system is totally based on the functionalities you are looking out but making it successful implementation is based on the project plan you create with every step which we have discussed in this blog post.

At Globalteckz

We at Globalteckz offers you with one of the leading open source erp software named as Odoo – We are official odoo partners and have successfully completed more than 50+ projects across the globe. We offer end to end services including ERP project planning, implementation strategy, training and support.

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