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Evaluating Manufacturing ERP software and vendors for manufacturing industries is little more complicated as compare to Trading or Service industries or any Standard ERP software. Manufacturing ERP system consists of business processes which run manufacturing operations and that needs to be managed properly. Various processes such as inventory management, design process, procurement, quality control and order management processes are typically part of any manufacturing ERP software and therefore implementation can be sometime tricky.

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Before implementing your manufacturing ERP software you need to consider 3 main points – People, Technology & Process that are specific to your organization. While evaluating any manufacturing software it is important that all these factors need to taken into account. In this blog post we will discuss how to find a right ERP vendor for manufacturing implementations but before that let’s shed light on  . . .

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How to evaluate Manufacturing ERP Software ?

The evaluation step is one of the basic areas before selecting any ERP software also. This first step of evaluating Manufacturing ERP software is to understand the standard functionality of the modules which the ERP software is providing to find the right vendor. This will help in future changes or addition of the functionality which your organization might want to implement. Doing this evaluation it is important to have a functional requirement ready to avoid last moment changes.

As we all know that every manufacturing organization has different needs and requirements with respect to the process they are following, till the buying methods, and manufacturing processes of the products. Understanding different ERP software and the base features offered helps you to minimize the complexities during the implementation and further it reduces the timelines also. Read more on Timelines for New ERP system

Once you have completed your first step the second is to check the customization needs in the software. The ERP software you are choosing should support all the areas of your organization. There are no ERP’s available in the market which offers out of the box implementation that fits your needs so there are certain needs of customization in the software for almost every organization who undertake ERP implementation.

Once you are satisfied with the product now it’s time to find a right vendor for implementing ERP solution for Manufacturing business.

How to find a right Manufacturing ERP software & Vendor for Implementations.

The Ideal vendor for Manufacturing ERP implementation will have the following characteristics

  • Expertise in Manufacturing Domain
  • Track record of successful implementation in similar industry
  • Size of the Team & Offices Geographical specific.
  • How much customizations handled.
  • Communication of Manager and Team members
  • Resources who are working on the Manufacturing ERP Project
  • Methodology Vendor works with during the implementation
  • Timeline of the Project offered by the vendor
  • What are the support offered by the vendor prior and pre implementation?

As we know that these are the basic questions which you must ask yourself before finding a right vendor for your Manufacturing ERP software. There are many other areas which come along once you initiate with implementing Manufacturing ERP solutions.

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