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How to get connected with your employees via social media

How to get connected with your employees via social media

How to get connected with your employees via social media

Social Media networking helps you in various aspects as a business owner/ SEO expert or as an Individual. Social Media networking simply means networking with a group of people who are interested in your activities via social media website. Apart from that social media networking helps you in discovering new people and news from your industry/competitors. Remember that Social Media Networking is different from Social Media Marketing.

Twitter, Facebook or Google+ are not the only social networking platforms but even mobile applications such as Whatsapp are nowadays booming importance for social networking. In this post we will cover how to get connected with your employees via social media.

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Connecting with employees via social media helps you to read their mind and what exactly happening. I have seen many employees who post their frustrations on Social networking website. Apart from that as a Boss you join with your employees in a communication via social media to resolve their Issues and problems.

Social Networking with your employees broadens ideas and discussion to take better decisions. You can create a company group page where employees can interact with other employees. Further if there are many employees who are scattered around the globe, Social media proved to be the best for adding other employees as friends and to get connected.

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Social Media Networking Websites which helps you in get connected with your employees:

LinkedIn :



LinkedIn is not the top one as far as ranking is concern but we rank them first to get connected with your employees and it is one of the best Social Media Networking website to connect with employees or professionals. LinkedIn not only helps you getting connected with your employees but also with your suppliers and clients.

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With LinkedIn you can create your company page and when employees/stakeholders can start following.  Follower can post their questions and queries; where you gain knowledge from many people within your organization. LinkedIn also helps in Branding.




Almost everyone who is connected with internet today holds a Facebook account. Facebook is one of the top Social networking website today. You will find almost every employees of your organization who hold Facebook account. You can easily create a fan page and connect with your employees, or can share news and recent happening in your departments.

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Another leading Social Media Networking website to connect with your employees is adding them in Google+ circles, you can even create Google hangouts for those who are travelling or working onsite at client place.


Twitter bird

Twitter bird

With Twitter you can ask your employees to follow company Twitter account. This will improve the communication and updates quickly on new plans.

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Apart from the above there are other website such as Pinterest, Stumbleupon which helps you to connect with your employees. Nowadays leading mobile application – Whatsapps is quite interesting by which you can create a company group and add people via contact numbers.

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